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Instacar is an outstation car rental service provider company in India. The company decided to use Giddh as an Online Accounting platform to automate their manual accounting tasks and saved tons of time which was not possible with offline software.

Company Creation

Every time a new fleet partner joins Instacar, they need to submit a form on Instacar website. These details are sent to Giddh via API and a new company is created in Giddh accounting software with a fleet partner name. This entire process happens without any human intervention.

Request to make advance payment

At Instacar every booking confirm after advanced payment. So, Instacar integrated Razorpay with Giddh to send payment request via invoice. This increased their total number of confirmation booking and rides.


Instacar sends invoice after the end of the ride to their customer and fleet partner. Due to their integration with Giddh, all invoices are sent instantly and automatically. This invoice automation process has reduced their Accounting team's efforts.

"When it comes to Accounting and Finance, finding a good product is evasive. We tried almost all available solutions and ended up on Giddh solely because the team was open to customisations as per our growing needs. We’ve about 500+ companies for our partner agencies and automated billing and Giddh has been an amazing experience, each and every requirement has been fulfilled within 1-2 hours. Super team, a must use tool if you are a startup, scaling rapidly and your finances are complex."

Ishan Vyas

CEO @ Instacar

"Giddh has helped me immensely in creating and sending invoices automatically."

Abhishek Singh

Accountant @ Instacar