Add Vendors

When you create a purchase transaction in Giddh, you have to choose a vendor for it. You can add vendors in one of the following ways:

  • From the Vendor Page (All Modules > Vendor)

  • While creating a bill or purchase record (All Modules > Purchase Record). 

 To add a vendor:

  1. Go to All Modules and click on the Vendor link. (You can also use the Ctrl/Cmmnd+G button and search for Vendor).

  2. On the Vendor page, click on the New Vendor button (top right corner).

  3. In the entry form, provide the necessary details (fields marked with a red asterisk sign are mandatory):  

    • Select Group: Assign a group to the new vendor. Choose Sundry Creditors group (otherwise create a new one from Accounts section), which comes pre-created in the software.

    • Account Name: This is generally their registered name.

    • Country: It is the country to which the vendor belongs to. Choose one from the dropdown list.

    • Currency: Choose the vendor’s preferred currency.

    • Opening Balance: This amount can be the amount owed to or by the vendor. 

    • Address: It can be the vendor’s head office or any other address.

      1. State: Choose a state for the vendor from the dropdown list.

      2. GSTIN: Enter the registered GST Identification Number.

      3. Party Type: This defines under which category is the vendor registered with the government. If it is not applicable, then choose the option ‘Not Applicable’, otherwise chosen from Deemed Export, Government Entity or SEZ.

      4. Add Address: You can add multiple addresses for a vendor and remove and update them later.

    • Contact: The information you enter here will be used on the vouchers.

      1. Attention To

      2. Mobile number

      3. Email Id: 

    • Others: This option covers three fields. 

      1. Account Unique Name to identify the vendor in case of another similar name. If you do not provide it, the software automatically generates a unique name.  

      2. Balance for Trigger is the debit or credit amount beyond which the system will send an alert email to the administrator. This feature works only when the trigger is configured.  

      3. Description is information about the vendor.for internal users.

    • Bank Details: 

      1. Bank Name: Their name registered with the bank.

      2. Account Number

      3. IFSC Code 

  4. Save: Click on the Save button to store this information.

A confirmation message is displayed on screen.

Note: Fields marked with a red asterisk sign are mandatory. To save the form, you must enter their details.