You can view details of all the companies managed from the current login. You can also delete them and create new ones from here.

Delete a company

  1. On the Company page, click on the Context Menu (three vertical dots) of any company.

  1. From the options that appear on screen, click on the Delete button.

  2. A popup window asking for confirmation of the action appears on screen. Click Yes in it.

The company will be deleted.


Create a new company

When you create a new company, you may be asked to buy a new plan (if your current plan limits are crossed).

  1. On the Company page, click on the Create New button.

  2. Enter the required details in the entry form and click on the Next button.

  3. Additional fields appear on screen. You may leave the fields blank or enter information for them and click Next again. These preferences can be updated later as well.

  4. Choose a plan by clicking on the Buy Plan button. (for a trial plan, you won’t have to enter payment information.)

  5. Enter the billing details in the entry form and click on the Pay Now button.

  6. A popup window shows the billed amount, and the name of the company for which the plan is being purchased. Enter your phone number and email address; click on Proceed.

  7. Choose a payment method - Cards (Debit / Credit), Netbanking, or Wallet (Amazon Pay and others).

  8. Enter the details of the chosen method and click on the Pay button.

  9. After the payment is processed, a confirmation message appears on screen and you will receive an invoice at your registered email address.

You are taken to the onboarding page of Giddh.