Edit / Delete Vendors

At times, the information of your vendor may require updating. You may also want to delete a vendor though this would be rare. 

To edit or delete the vendor details, do the following:

  1. Go to All Modules and select the Vendor link. (You can also use the Ctrl/Cmmnd+G button and search for Vendor).

  2. Locate the vendor in the table you want to make changes to. If required, use the filter options to find them. 

  3. Hover the cursor over a vendor’s row. A context menu (the three dots) appears on screen.Click on it.

  1. Now click on the pencil icon.

  2. A window containing the details of the vendor opens on the right-hand side. From here, you can perform the following operations:

    • Edit: Make the necessary changes in the entry form and click on the update button at the bottom of the window. A confirmation message is displayed on screen.

    • Delete: To delete the vendor from your records, click on the Delete button (at the bottom). Once you confirm the action in the enquiry popup, the vendor will be removed from your records.