How can I generate bulk invoices for multiple or single users

To generate bulk invoices for multiple or single users in Giddh log in to your Giddh account.

To search anything in Giddh just press Ctrl+G (for Windows) or Cmd+G (for Mac).

Press Ctrl+G/ Cmd+G and search pending 

Here, you will see all the drafts entries of the sales ledger.   

Select the entries that you want to generate the invoice. 

You will see two options generate multiple and generate compound.

Generate Multiple -  To generate individual invoices of all the entries, then select 'generate multiple'.


Generate Compound - To generate the compound invoice of all the entries in bulk then select 'generate compound'. 


Once you generate the invoice, entry of the particular invoice will be removed from the pending tab and it will reflect in 'generated invoices' in the invoice tab.