How to Integrate ICICI bank account with Giddh?

To integrate the ICICI bank account with Giddh, log in to your Giddh account.

To search anything in Giddh just press Ctrl+g (for Windows) or cmd+g (for Mac).


Press Ctrl+g/ Cmd+g > Integration > Payment

If you didn't create ICICI bank account in GIDDH then-

Search 'Bank Account' using Ctrl/Cmd+G > Create A/c 

Fill all the details and Save it

Now come to connect bank account again- 


  1.  Connect New Account

     2.  Fill all the details > Click on "Connect" 

A connection request has been made to your bank account

Login ICICI account > Connected Banking > Connected Banking Approval

Check the checkbox after checking the Aggregator name and Approve it

OTP will be received on registered mobile number > Fill the OTP > Confirm

Your ICICI account has been successfully linked with Giddh


     a. To edit the Account info click on 'Edit' icon next to it.

     b. To edit the 'login ID' info click on 'Edit' icon next to it.

 c. To unlink your account click on the 'Delete' icon

     d. To add more users to the account click on 'Add More Users'