Manage Invoice Templates

Giddh gives you the flexibility of adapting the invoice templates according to your company theme and style. 

  • Create, customize and manage design and content of invoices and all other vouchers. 

  • Add a logo, name, address, GSTIN details and other details on the invoice.


Go to Invoice Templates

All Modules > Invoice Management > Templates

All the existing templates appear in this section. You can view, edit, and delete them from here.


Set as default

Click on the ‘Set as default’ button given on a template to make it a default template. This way, whenever you create an invoice or a voucher, the respective template will open on screen.


Create a template (Add New)

  1. Select the voucher type from Select Design For. You can choose between the following options: 

  • Sales, 

  • Debit/Credit Note.

  1. Now, click on the Add New button. 

  2. A window containing options for Design and Content show on screen. The changes you make in either of the options are visible on the right-hand side. 

  3. Give a name to the template in the My Template Name field. 

  4. Finally, click Save. 


Edit a template

You can edit a template by editing either its content or its design. 

  • On the Template page, click on the pencil icon on a template,

  • Now, choose either Design or Edit to make the changes. 

  • Design

Click on the Design tab. The following options appear on screen:

Change Template: Choose a layout and theme for the template. You choose from the options.

Make Logo Edit: Add a logo to the template by uploading it from your computer. You can also adjust its size. ‘S’ for small, ‘M’ for medium and ‘L’ for large.

Try Other Color: Choose a color that best defines your brand’s look and feel. You can pick a color from the palette. 

Select Different Fonts: Choose fonts for the content in the template by picking from the options..

Select Different Font Size: Choose font size by entering a value in the box or picking from the options. 

Edit Print Setting: Adjust margins (top, left, bottom, right) for making the template print-ready. A Reset button is also given. Clicking on it restores the font size to the default settings.

Save: The changes made by you will be stored only if you save this information by clicking on the Save button. 

  • Content  

Click on the Content tab and do the following: select/deselect a checkbox to hide/show its information. 

  • Select a checkbox to show its data in the template.

  • Deselect a checkbox to hide its data in the template. 

You can make changes to the following: 

  • Header

  • Form 

  • Customer Details

  • Billing Details 

  • Shipping Details 

  • Transport Details

  • Custom Field 

  1. Finally, click on the Update Invoice button to save the changes. 


A confirmation message is displayed on screen.