Every now and then, you may like to give away freebies and discounts. On Giddh, you can create discounts and apply them to the invoices. 

Once created, these discounts can be applied by authorized personnel from anywhere. This gives you the flexibility of passing on the benefits to the intended customers right when the invoicing is done. This also empowers your workforce and builds confidence among them.

Create a discount

  1. In the Create Discount section, click on the Select Discount dropdown and select from one of the following two options:  

    1. As per value: This is applied as the absolute value. For example, a discount value of 50 will reduce 50 from the total billed amount.

    2. As per percent: This is applied as a percent of the total billed amount. For example, a discount percent of 5 will reduce 50 from a total billed amount of 1000.

  2. The following fields appear on screen:

    1. Name: Give a name to this discount so that the beneficiaries and other users understand its purpose when they see it in the invoice.

    2. Value: the number you enter here would be considered as absolute value or percent depending on the option you have chosen in step 1 above.

    3. Linked Discounts: Link this action to an existing account. In general, you can choose the Discount option or create another one if necessary.  

    4. Click on the Add button.

The discount has been created.

Edit / Delete a discount

  • In the Discounts section, spot the discount you want to make changes to.

  • Use the icons under the Action column to do the following:

    • To edit, click on the pencil icon, make changes in the entry form, and click on the tick mark icon to save it.

To delete, click on the dustbin icon and choose Yes in the confirmation popup.