Financial Year

Giddh begins your financial journey from the year you register on it. Here is more that you can do from here: 

  • Add Financial Years

  • Change the cycle

  • Lock and Unlock Years

Note: It is ideal to set the financial year before you create any opening balance in any of the accounts; otherwise you may face issues with adding a financial year. In such scenarios, get in touch with our customer support team to find a solution.

Add Financial Years

  • On the Financial Year page, click in the Add Financial Year field.

  • Options for financial years from 2012 onward appear in a dropdown list. To add only the previous year, select it. If you select a year further away, all the intermediate years will automatically also be added. For example, if the current year is 2019, and you select year 2016, then the intermediate years 2017 and 2018 will also be added.

  • Click on Save.

The added years show in the financial years list.

Change the cycle

  • On the Financial Year page, click in the Financial Year Period field.

  • Choose a cycle. 

  • Save it. 

A confirmation message is displayed on screen.

Lock and Unlock Years

Financial information in the locked years cannot be edited. This gives the owner or principal accountants greater control over the information especially when they give access to other users to the portal. Use the toggle switches to lock or unlock financial years.