Tags are plain words or numbers attached to entries to make their classification and searching easier. Tags can be names of persons, branches, products, or anything that can help you classify or analyze information.

For example, when generating reports like Profit and Loss, Trial Balance and Balance Sheet, use tags to retrieve selected information. 

All the tags are listed under the Tags section. 

On Giddh, you first create a tag and then attach it to entries.

Create a tag

Here are the steps to create a tag:

  • In the Create Tag field, enter the name of the tag and provide a description. Try to use standard words or names for tags so that other users can also relate with them easily.

  • Click on the Create button.

The tag has been created.

Edit / Delete a tag

  • In the Tags section, spot the tag you want to make changes to.

  • Use the icons under the Action column to do the following:: 

    • To edit, click on the pencil icon, make changes in the entry form, and click on the tick mark icon to save it.

    • To delete, click on the dustbin icon and choose Yes in the confirmation popup.