From the Subscription Page, you can manage your current plan, buy a new one and view those linked with different companies.


Buy a new plan

To buy a new plan or to upgrade from a trial or your current plan, do the following:

  1. On the User Profile page, click on the Buy New Plan button (top right corner of the page).

  2. Click on the Buy Plan button for any of the plans. (For a Trial Plan, you won’t have to enter payment information.)

  3. Enter the billing details in the entry form and click on the Pay Now button.

  4. Enter your phone number and email address; click on Proceed.

  5. Choose a payment method - Cards (Debit / Credit), Netbanking, or Wallet (Amazon Pay and others).

  6. Enter the details of the chosen method and click on the Pay button.

  7. The payment will be processed; a confirmation message appears on screen and you will receive an invoice at your registered email address.

You are taken to the onboarding page of Giddh.


Change Plan

To change your current plan, you can either buy it directly by clicking on the Change Plan link or consult with our Support Team. We advise you to consult with our Support Team before going ahead. 


Payment Log

It displays the details of your currently chosen plan.