Create taxes as required by your state, country, product or service, and edit or delete them as necessary. These taxes are available for applying on invoices, credit notes, debit notes and estimates.

Create Taxes

  1. Click on the New Tax tab given at the top right corner of the Tax section. An entry form with the following fields and options opens on screen:

  2. Provide the following details in the popup entry form (mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk sign): 

    • Select Tax: Choose from the predefined options; otherwise, select the ‘other’ option. Also, when you select GST, the percentage entered in Tax Percent gets distributed accordingly in SGST, IGST, UTGST and CGST (to the applicable ones).

    • Tax Percent: Enter a collective percent of taxes applicable according to your product or service.

    • Name: This name will be visible on invoices and vouchers.

    • Unique No.: This field is automatically populated from Name. You can change it though.

    • Apply Tax From: The start date of the tax in the software. It can be a past date as well. However, you cannot apply this on a saved invoice.

    • Tax Duration: The options are based on the duration in which you prefer to file tax returns.

    • Filing Date: It is the date of the month on which you prefer to file the returns.

  3. Click on the Create button.

The tax has been created. It will now be available for applying on invoices.

Edit / Delete Taxes

Taxes that have been already created can be edited or deleted.

  • To edit the tax in the Tax section, under the Action column, click on the pencil icon, make changes in the entry form, and click on Update.

To delete the tax in the Tax section, under the Action column, click on the dustbin icon, choose Yes in the confirmation popup that appears at the top of screen. However, do keep in mind that if this tax has been applied to any invoice, then either the tax must be removed from there or the related invoice be deleted.