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Track and manage your contacts in one glance

Keeping track of information about customers and business done with them can get overwhelming. Giddh Contacts solves this problem once and for all by giving a single screen view of all your contacts and your business history with them.

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Valuable business intelligence you can act on

Along with detailed information about your customers & vendors, smart list also enables you to add a comment next to the contacts. It can be a payment follow-up response or an additional detail of the customer. The possibilities are as unique as your business is.

Easily know who owes how much

The Aging Report integrated with the Contacts will show you which customers are taking a long time to pay their dues. It also shows you the total amount owed to you by those customers so that you can make better collection strategies.

What could you do with giddh smart list?

  • Add new customers or vendors directly to your Giddh books.
  • Find all those customers who haven’t paid you back in the past few weeks or months listed in one place, so you can follow-up with them and improve your cash flow.
  • See how many customers you have in a particular city or region, helping you assess your customer base and create a more targeted sales or marketing effort.

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