Connect your ICICI Bank account with Giddh
and do much more than just monitor your daily transactions

Get new transactions delivered from your bank account into Giddh – automatically & securely.
By linking your bank accounts you can actively monitor your day to day transactions and reconcile your books.
Bank link helps you keep track of your cash flow in the most secure, fast and reliable way.

Get Started

Open new ICICI account directly from Giddh

You can now open your new ICICI bank account directly from Giddh in 2 simple steps. Just fill the form with all your details in step one and verify the details in step 2. Yes, it is this simple.


All the transactions are automatically fetched in Giddh once you integrate your ICICI bank corporate account. Keep your bank and books matched perfectly always.

Make payment to vendors directly from Giddh

Save a lot of time and never let your dues exceed the time line. Pay vendors directly from the Giddh through just one click. No need to go anywhere else to make the payment.

Set limit to

Be carefree about your bank account. Set different OTP authorisation levels according to the amount being paid. Limit the transaction amount.

Working Capital Loan at good rates

Avail working capital loans faster at very good rates as compared to the market through Giddh. Get a loan in just a snap.


Make payment for multiple invoices of a particular vendor via ICICI Bank in a single go using Giddh. This is the fastest and most accurate way of doing bulk payment.

Bank statement &
bank balance

Keep a check on money flowing in and out of your ICICI bank account from anywhere. Have access to your bank statement in your hand held gizmo through Giddh mobile application.

See step-by-step Guide on how to connect ICICI account with Giddh
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