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Create and Send professional invoices with cloud based invoicing software

Effortlessly create and send professional invoices using cloud-based invoicing software, streamlining your billing process and enhancing your business image with ease and efficiency.


Use Barcode for making invoice

Simplify the invoicing process by utilizing barcodes for product identification. This eliminates the need to manually search for products every time you generate an invoice, streamlining your workflow.

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Effortless GST Invoicing

Simplify your invoices for you and your clients by applying GST. No more need to repeatedly verify the client's state for the correct GST type – simply enter the state, and GIDDH, the GST billing software will apply the appropriate GST type automatically.

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Other taxes

Include additional taxes, such as TCS and TDS, on your invoice for comprehensive taxation transparency. Moreover, you have the option to manually create taxes based on your specific needs.


Multi-currency Invoices

Generate hassle-free invoices for international clients by automatically calculating real-time exchange rates. Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually looking up exchange rates and converting them to your base currency every time you create an invoice.


Sending invoice via multi-channels

You can efficiently send invoices through various channels like WhatsApp, email, and SMS directly from your accounting software, leading to effective communication with your clients and ensuring timely payments.


Lock your invoices and move on!

Frustrated by unauthorized changes to your completed invoices? GIDDH's invoicing software offers an invoice locking feature, ensuring that once your invoices are finalized, they cannot be edited or deleted without authorization.

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Add due date to invoices

Enhance your invoicing process by including due dates on each invoice, relieving you from the burden of having to recall payment collection dates for every individual invoice.


Customize the invoice number

In the billing software, you have the flexibility to personalize your invoice numbers to suit your preferences, without being limited to the sequential format (1, 2, 3, etc).

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Reverse charge

You have the option to implement the Reverse Charge mechanism on your invoices as well.

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Bulk Invoice update

Effortlessly manage your invoices by making bulk updates and deletions as needed.

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Copy from previous invoice

Streamline your workflow by duplicating invoice data from a previous invoice, eliminating the need to manually input the same information each time when it remains unchanged.

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Import and Export the invoice

No need to stress about recreating all your previous invoices when you have data in an Excel file. Just import the file, and you're good to go. Additionally, you can efficiently export the necessary invoices in bulk as per your requirements.

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Generate multiple and compound invoices

Effortlessly create multiple invoices at once by leveraging your entries, also benefiting from the convenience of generating composite invoices using these recorded entries.

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Run your business with automation!

From setting payment reminders to sending online invoices to clients on a recurring basis, you can utilize the complete potential of automation with Giddh! So let Giddh follow-up with customers and focus on your core business activities.

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The importance of invoices

An invoice is a prerequisite, be it any size or type of business. An invoice is a document that lists down the products and services, along with the required prices for the same, offered to the client.

Invoices are an indispensable tool for small businesses since they are official proofs of products offered and services rendered and help the businesses get paid. With the present form of innovations, most businesses use invoice templates to avoid creating invoices from scratch. They not only help you save time but also repopulate the same information instead of having to fill it from scratch again and again. In case you want an invoicing software with more advanced software, you can try out Giddh. You can perform all your finance functions such as generate invoices online in a matter of minutes.

Purpose of invoicing

Invoicing is done for a number of reasons. Apart from recording sales transactions, they perform a number of functions such as:

– Requesting timely payment from clients

– Monitoring sales

– Keeping a track of inventory

– Forecasting future sales

– Recording business revenue for tax filing

Importance of Professional Looking Online Invoices

With more and more businesses moving towards e-invoicing, there has been a rise of invoice software for creating professional-looking invoices. It’s a fast and easy process of sending and tracking invoices and can help reduce costs and save time.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of   creating online invoices:

Speed – With online invoice software, you can create online invoices at lightning speed. If you send out your invoices fast, you can get paid fast as well. When you’re sending out multiple invoices, it may seem like a lengthy and monotonous process of filling out the same details again and again. Since online invoices are cloud-based, you can repopulate the information in as many invoices as required. You can also reduce your hassles by scheduling your invoices at specific dates and times so that they can be sent automatically. It can also reduce your dependency on your accounting personnel as you can directly send the invoice online. Finally, you can access the invoices from anywhere, even if you’re not in the office. Thus, the online invoice software can make your entire invoicing function a great deal faster.

Monitoring – It doesn’t just end with sending fast invoices. Following up and checking whether the payment has come in can take up a lot of time as well. This can help you in avoiding missing any due dates. The invoice software can help you check the status of your payments, find out which ones are due and which ones have been resolved to get an overview of the total outstanding payments. Moreover, you can also get personalised reminders for individual clients and invoices so that you’re always up to date. There are also ample reports to choose from to get a clearer understanding of your clients and make payment adjustments for each client accordingly. Finally, you can leave a precise and transparent audit trail so that you can track individual transactions in case of any queries.

Time and cost saving – Irrespective of whether the invoices are being handled by accountants or by you, the cost incurred from the time spent in doing the task is still there. Using an invoicing software to create invoice online can help you save a lot of time and be good for your pocket as well. It can help you maintain your company cash flow effectively and send invoices to your client, ensuring seamless cash flow management. You can also effectively do away with all the messy paperwork, rather use the templates, customise, and send them within minutes.

Automate your invoicing process – One of the best advantages of online invoice software is that you can automate your entire processes. It also means you can actually set up recurring payments for your long-term clients in the form of a subscription-based model. There can be automatic reminders and follow-ups for both past and future invoices.

Brand Identity – A cloud-based online invoicing software from India like Giddh can help you reinforce your brand presence. Since you can customise your logo, colours, and scheme, it can help you create a feeling of trust and transparency. Research shows that using your logo on invoices can help to increase the chance of payments by 3%.

Security – It goes without saying that many people are hesitant to generate invoice online since they feel it might not be secure. It’s true, security protocols matter a lot, especially, when it comes to finances. That’s why it’s best to choose an online invoice software that adheres to all security standards such as the PCI security standards. Environment-friendly – Statistics have discovered that the invoices generated by online invoice software are more environmentally-friendly than traditional paper invoices. It saves energy, water, and paper resources as well as reduces pollution. So, by adopting an e-invoicing system, you may reduce your carbon footprints.

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Yes. Giddh automatically generates invoices for a set interval of time as mentioned by the user.

We take various measures to ensure that your invoices are safe on our software. Your data is encrypted with SSL encryption which is stored on our AWS servers, known for offering the highest level of security. The data is further recorded in a Javascript object and secured by our robust firewall system.

You can select professional looking invoices from our wide range of templates and customisations. All templates are well-thought out and designed to meet a variety of needs and create a lasting impression on your client.

The invoices you make on the Giddh software can be made to look extremely professional and on-brand. You can also insert logos and icons in the invoices as well as customise the colour schemes and designs as per your brand guidelines.

Press Ctrl/cmd+G, search for and select the voucher type. Fill in the necessary details and save it. Now, go to the list of estimate/proforma, select the one you want to convert to invoice and convert them to invoices from their settings.