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Accounting that’s not just limited to accountants

online bookkeeping, easy accounting software
Stop logging into your bank account. Your bank syncs with Giddh.
Share real time ledgers and invoices with your customers
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bookkeeping software for small business
You are not dependent on your accountant for your business reports
Every key person in your Company can see the numbers relevant to them
online bookkeeping software
accounting software
Our APIs integrate seamlessly into your software's
Have branches? Your accounts are still at the same place.
small business accounting software
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Bird's eyeview to manage your business inventory efficiently and smartly

Why use local database? When Giddh gives you bank level security with its unmatched data encryption

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GST Ready!

Giddh is ready to work with GST


Manage. Share. Merge and Move

Because business accounting software allows you to add and manage your accounts by adding related information. Share them with stakeholders. Merge two accounts. Move them from one group to another. You can do it at ease.


Hierarchical. Share and Move.

Giddh account software’s multi-level hierarchy allows you to arrange your groups more efficiently. Move one group to another and share them with any person associated with it, be it your sales manager or the CEO.


Export. Import. Share. Email and SMS.

Giddh, as fully a featured bookeeping Software, will export and import your ledgers to and from other software seamlessly. Share them by sending emails and SMS.


Ledger Wise. Automatic Double Entries. Multi Entries. Automatic Tax and Recurring Entries

With Giddh (Software as a Service), you can make direct ledger entries, just like giving and receiving. When you make a single ledger entry, Giddh makes the double entry automatically. Make single entries with multiple transactions, add tax transactions automatically and schedule recurring entries.


Generate. Share. Email. Pay Via Invoice

Make invoices directly from entries and mail them to concerned persons. Mark invoices as paid, partially paid or unpaid. Your customers can pay by clicking a button directly from the invoice.


Bulk Emails and SMS. Multi User Access. Hierarchy. Role and Functionality wise Access. Multiple Financial Years. Fetch Bank Transactions. Import directly from Tally. Restful APIs.

This new age cloud based accounting software offers ultimate features for better business account management and bookkeeping. It has features like send information to multiple stakeholders by sending bulk mails and SMSs directly from Giddh. Multi-user access allows more than one person to work on the same task from different locations. Hierarchy and role-based accessibility allows you to ensure who sees what and when as you share your company, groups or accounts. Switch between multiple financial years to easily analyse your growth. Bank transactions are fetched and entries are created automatically by connecting Giddh with your bank. Import all your data from Tally effortlessly. Use our RESTful APIs to integrate Giddh with your existing software or make customized accounting software.


Automatic Trial Balance. Balance Sheet. Profit and Loss Statement. Groups and Accounts wise Reports and Advanced Analytical Search

Accounting and bookkeeping at its ease. Generating annual report made easy with Giddh bookkeeping software. All your essential business reports are available automatically with options to generate more custom detailed reports. View these reports online as graphs or export them as excel sheets.


24/7 Chat Support. Premium Support. CA support. International Laws Support

Get 24/7 chat, premium support at no extra cost. Just add entries and let us handle the rest. Get access to experienced CAs and International Law Firms directly through us.

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