Tally your books with giddh Tally your books with giddh
Indian Accounting with giddh

Accounting software

that’s not just limited to accountants

Stop logging into your bank account. Your bank syncs with Giddh.

Ready your GST with giddh

Access your data with giddh

You are not dependent on your accountant for your business reports.

Every key person in your company can see the numbers relevant to them.

Bird's eyeview to manage your business inventory efficiently and smartly.

Have branches? Your accounts are still at the same place.

Why use local database? When Giddh gives you bank level security with its unmatched data encryption

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Built for Accountants

Friendly with all other departments Sales, Support, Management etc...
Manage GST with Giddh


Add logos and use fully customizable templates to generate and send professional looking invoices.

Manage GST with Giddh

GST Compliance

Compliance is no more a challenge with our accounting software! File your GST returns directly on time.

Manage GST with Giddh

Report & Analysis

With instant reporting & analysis tools present in our accounting software, you can finally make faster decisions.

Manage GST with Giddh


Our accounting software lets you share data with your team members so that they can be on top of what’s most important to them.

Manage GST with Giddh

Multi Currency

Our accounting software enables you sending invoices and reports to your clients in their currency and getting paid in your own.

Manage GST with Giddh


Your queries regarding accounting or a feature request for your specific needs is one call or email away from resolution.

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