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Streamline your inventory management in Giddh while gaining real-time visibility into your stock levels.

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Maintain inventory tracking. Stay updated.

Modern inventory management software for the modern entrepreneur no stress, no hassles, no hidden costs. Managing inventory is a priority for any growing business. Inventory management feature helps you to track your stock movements accurately so you can get back to doing the thing you are best at: Grow and Earn!

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Record inventory for product, and Services

Inventory management isn't exclusive to product-based businesses; service-oriented businesses can benefit as well. With Giddh, you can efficiently handle both product and service inventory.

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Inventory Master’s

Giddh provides you with the "masters" of inventory. Here, you'll be able to view all your business inventory and easily create, modify, or remove inventory items.

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Bifurcate inventory into Groups, Items, and Variants

Dealing with a large number of items can lead to confusion. Simplify your inventory management by categorizing it into Groups, Items, and Variants for a more organized and efficient approach.

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Real-time inventory reports

Tired of the hassle of manually tracking your business inventory? With Giddh, you can simplify your inventory management. Giddh offers real-time inventory reports, which are categorized by Groups, Items, and Variants for a clearer view. Additionally, it provides transaction-specific reports to simplify your inventory management experience.

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Barcode Scanning

Utilizing barcode scanning within accounting software enables quick item addition to invoices and bills, eliminating the need for manual product inputs. This streamlines operations, enhances accuracy, saves time, and boosts efficiency. Furthermore, barcode-enabled inventory reports facilitate easy item search, enhancing inventory control and management.



In manufacturing, inventory management can be tough, but Giddh simplifies it. Easily manage manufacturing and its expenses while focusing on your core production. Giddh takes care of your business inventory balances. It even manages any by-products created during manufacturing, making your business operations smoother.

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Branch and Warehouse inventory management-

If your business is expanded across multiple locations and has Expanding your business across multiple locations or warehouses? Giddh makes it easy to manage inventory across these various branches and warehouses. Plus, you can access the branch and warehouse specific inventory reports, as well as the overall company reports, simplifying your overall inventory management.

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Branch transfer

Looking to transfer products between branches or warehouses? No worries! You can easily manage inventory transfers, and these changes will reflect in real-time inventory reports. Additionally, you can access individual reports for each transfer.

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Custom units

You're no longer limited to just a few inventory units; Giddh offers a solution to maintain and customize units according to your specific requirements.

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An inventory management software allows enterprises to keep track of the goods at every level of the supply chain of the business. It can help to optimise every process of the product journey from the placement of order with the vendor to the delivery of the order to the customer.

Giddh offers the best inventory management software in India that can accurately track the goods, reduce wastage and provide trend analysis to help make better investment decisions. Giddh is very particular about its transparency to the users, and this can have a huge impact on the bottom line of the organisation or enterprise.

An inventory is one of the most important assets of a business on the balance sheet. It is also a crucial part of the functions that keep a business going. Hence, a business should invest in nothing but the best inventory management software to ensure that the business stays profitable while delivering more for the customers.

Some of the reasons behind using an inventory management system are

  • You can track your inventory levels at all times and place your orders whenever you see them falling low.
  • They can assist you to set up automatic emails that update your customers about every step of their order process.
  • Enables you to have an accurate idea of when the order leaves from the supplier and reaches the customer.
  • Offers a fully customised and visual dashboard that can be a game-changer for your inventory management processes.

Inventory management lays down the foundation to managing the supply and demand within a business. Other benefits of using inventory management include.

  • Helps you save your company expenses as you can manage the costs of stocking your inventory, storage, and handling.
  • You can fulfill customer demands and prevent them from back ordering the items or switching to a different supplier.
  • Keeps your warehouse organised, which in turn, speeds up order fulfillment and prevents miscommunications and loss of productivity.
  • With accurate record-keeping, barcode scanners, integrated data storage and analysis systems, inventory management operations can become more efficient and productive.

Yes, you can. Giddh offers inventory management for every kind of business be it a small manufacturer or reseller or a large organisation with operations across multiple locations. It helps you stay on top of your supply chain and ensure that your business is making more profits while reducing wastage. It also helps you track your inventory with minimal efforts. If you are looking for the best inventory management software in India, Giddh is your best bet.

Giddh’s inventory management software comes with default groups and accounts. You can also manage your inventory by creating different groups and accounts as is necessary for your business. However, you need to reach out to our customer support team for assistance in creating main groups. A new group can always be created under the main groups only.