Comparison Summary: Zoho Books vs GIDDH

Zoho Books is online accounting software designed for growing businesses for managing accounting tasks and organizing transactions. It caters to a variety of industries including medical too. Its integration capabilities with other Zoho products make it a convenient choice for those already using Zoho's suite of business tools.

Giddh is the one stop accounting solution for various sized businesses, that provides you with analytical tools that can help you to keep a sharp vision on your accounts so that you can invest your time on analyzing them. This user friendly platform is easily accessible from any location, and offers significant customization options, making it ideal for businesses looking to streamline their accounting processes.

Zoho BooksGiddh
PricingPlans start from USD 120/yearPlans start from USD 50/year
Multiple companies supportNeed to purchase plan separately for each companyProvides multiple companies support in one subscription
Company sharingCompany sharing is limited based on the plan you chooseUnlimited company sharing feature is available in all plan
Branch SupportLimited branch creationUnlimited branch creation
VAT SupportLimited as per the planMultiple VAT number support in single branch in all plan
Warehouse SupportLimited warehouse creationUnlimited warehouse creation
Inventory ManagementNeed to purchase Zoho books and Zoho inventory separately to manage the inventoryEasy to manage inventory in a single software
Year Locking Not availableProvides year locking feature, user can lock previous financial year
Adjustment featureProvides an adjustment feature, but it is limited to certain vouchersProvides an adjustment feature that can be used with all types of vouchers
Entry SystemOnly Voucher based entry systemLedger & Voucher based entry system
Auto Paid featureNot availableAuto adjustment of voucher with only one setting
Custom PermissionLimitedHighly customizable
Universal DateNot availableAvailable
Chat supportOnly available in higher planAvailable in all plan
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