Giddh, May 1, 2018

5 Signs Your Business is Ready to Move to Cloud and use Online Accounting Services!

Do you ever wonder how a business owner ultimately decides which finance management service is appropriate for their business? Some choose to keep those services housed internally, managing from within and scaling under a complex internal structure. Others choose to fill their organisation with freelancers and part-time work force to support expanded bookkeeping needs. And finally there are those who choose to outsource fractional services, including everything from their marketing to their entire accounting department.

Below are some of the signs which indicate you’re running a company primed for using online accounting services.

  1. Your Business Is Moving Into The Next Level:

Remembering fondly the days of reconciling accounts on a Sunday night with shoeboxes of receipts? Of course you don’t! And now your business has grown and you have neither the time nor the resources to keep up with your own bookkeeping. Especially if you’re running into issues with inventory management, foreign currency, manufacturing tracking etc. Oh, what a beautiful problem to run into, isn’t it? But no matter how beautiful, a problem needs to be tackled head on. To help you with these specific issues, Giddh offers a multi-platform, OS-agnostic cloud software that has functionalities for you to manage your inventory, generate automatic invoices & even track your manufacturing.

2. Security Is A Priority For You:

With all the headlines about financial data security and breaches, you would be in the minority if you weren’t concerned about security. However, one area of security that is often overlooked is simply the security and privacy of information within the workplace. With online accounting services, internal employees are never in direct contact with the company’s finances. They aren’t going home to discuss the company’s profit or the owner’s financial picture — a storyline we hear far too often from companies with internal departments.

3. You Are Scaling Up & Above:

Watching your company flourish is exciting — until you realise you’re outpacing your abilities to manage it all. One of the easiest ways to ensure you stay on top of it is by leveraging the scalability of a constant evolving online platform that can expand its service and more features that can meet your demands. Thanks to Giddh’s web-based approach, you can be sure the latest & greatest features shall be added to serve you better. This way you can keep doing what you do best. (growing!)

4. You Have Suffered Because of Offline Accounting Services:

With offline bookkeeping services you are one small digital mishap or one malware infection away to have all your accounting data get lost or corrupted. If you’re relying on local data for your account keeping, you may never be able to get that data back. Recovering from a disaster is something every business owner needs to think about. When you choose a cloud based accounting service, you don’t ever need to panic about losing your quintessential financial data if your computer breaks down or gets infected by a virus or a malware. Just open your browser, sign into your Giddh account and pick up from where you left off.

5. You Want Access to Every Record in Real Time

Are you able to share real time information with your accountant with ease or is it becoming awkward and inconvenient to send a USB drive or equivalent every week? Not only is it a pain, it’s inconvenient, unreliable and could potentially jeopardise the security of your data. If this applies to you, it could mean that your needs have outgrown your offline software. It’s probably time to consider a new access at any time anywhere — as long as there’s an internet connection.

So this new financial year, spread your wings and soar high in the accounting sky with Giddh!