Giddh, May 11, 2012

Accounting Essentials

  • The geographic world called globe has become a very unsafe place due to check- hoax, so make sure to base the limit lines in the midst of you & your financial record keeper, be it a government bank or any other private institution. Make monetary bounds for checks and also, place your checks in an interlocked, secure place.
  • It is very essential to maintain the cutting-edge records of all the financial operations inclusive of the invoice, expenses, pay rolls, profits. There is an immense need of keeping the records up to date to be kept on all the financial activities for a happy year ending with sincere & timely tax requitals.
  • Assure your bills do not go high by the hidden costs. Make sure you are charged only for the services/goods that you have really received.
  • A time check every fortnight is required to review on all your expenses. If an extra amount of money is being spent, you can look forward to find a cheaper and cost effective substitute of that.
  • Hire some pro if you are too busy to manage your accounts. Not necessarily someone actual. ‘Giddh’- A Virtual accountant will work here. Keep track of your transactions. This will help you stay on top of your financials alongside you will still be able to focus on your business.
  • Keep a good eye on any of the outstanding amount to be paid. If these balances are piling up, it’s a matter of concern. Normal time to allow a payment to be received is 15–20 conventional days after the receipt receivable. Failure for your clients to pay on time can cause huge problems with running an effective business as they are sitting on your capital.
  • Stay updated on the modified rules related to tax. Staying on top with IRS policies amendments is a really good habit. It’s always good to be aware of new/modified accounting rules.
  • Make sure of a secure future invest some of your profits into some retirement funds.
  • Keep the accounting system simple & easily accessible. It may confuse you one day. The more complex the system, the more chances of making mistakes can be made.
  • Ultimately, online accounting software can no doubt save your time over doing everything manually and usually has good tools to run sales reports that could hours to do by hand. If you are running your business yourself without any help and only a small customer base, then Giddh will prove to be your perfect accountant. However, if you have employees, a good sized inventory, and/or many customers, then using ‘Giddh’ will help you run more efficiently and more accurately.