Giddh, May 10, 2012

Accounts management on the count of 1, 2, 3

Gone are the days when accounting was tough, complicated, and boring. With the introduction of cloud computing, accounting couldn’t have been easier before.

Giddh lets even the layman handle business/personal accounts in three basic steps, with no complications at all.

Step 1: The first basic step is signing up for an online account at Giddh, and logging in thereafter. The sign-up is quick and simple and doesn’t require much details from the users side. And the fascinating part is the user interface and the ease of use.

Step 2: ever tried writing a diary? It is simple, right? Well, Giddh works on similar lines. It will never let you feel that you are entering your accounting transactions in it. It is as basic as jotting down all your business/personal transactions at one place, just like jotting down your memories in a diary. Unlike other online accounting softwares , you do not need to climb much steps to get started. The second step itself instigates efficient management of your accounts. Cool, eh.

Step 3: see all your accounting calculations at the end of month/year in a single graph, track balance, make multiple entries, et al. This is the third step and also a part of the must-have features many well-known accounting software’s lack. Giddh takes care of your accounting tasks from beginning till the end in a manner of ease you would have never experienced before. What more could be expected from an accounting software when the must-haves and should-haves have already been provided.