Giddh, June 1, 2020

How Cloud-based Tools are Redefining Businesses During the Pandemic?

There is an old saying

“Crisis is an opportunity riding on a dangerous wind”

With news about the coronavirus and its seriousness changing day by day all over the world, businesses world over should remember this saying. The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus across the world is affecting the economy and general business conditions as we know it. For most businesses, the crisis has resulted in a temporary decrease in income. So organizations that are not responding to these challenges brought forth by the pandemic are without a doubt putting themselves at risk.

How Cloud-based Tools are Redefining Businesses During the Pandemic?

The Rise of the Work from Home Culture

There is always a chance where there is a change.

Such as the increasing affinity towards home culture that ensures work is done while also maintaining social distancing and the safety of employees. Numerous organizations have chosen to let their workers work from home in this regard.

This is great if you were an employee who just needs a basic spreadsheet or a word processor. For accounting staff tied to their work-desktop software, this can get extremely challenging. Even worse – imagine having an IT-Team also come to work during these times in the event of a software crash!

By abandoning the hassles of offline licensed accounting software and adopting cloud accounting software like Giddh, you can ensure your organization is future-ready and disaster-proof.

Giddh’s cloud-based software ensures your accounting staff can work from the safety of their home on any device that has a web browser. Remote 24×7 support is readily available at your disposal to handhold users when they require assistance.

Early Cloud Adoption Pays Off Big For Businesses

To be frank, in the year 2020 there are not many reasons why any little to mid-sized organization or association should be running their accounting software on a desktop or server-based software. Cloud-based solutions like Giddh offer the full experience of a dedicated accounting software without the complications of offline license checks, system errors, computer crashes, etc. To give your CA or accountant secure access, you basically set up a client ID with their email address, set their permissions and you’re good to go!

The Future is in the Cloud

Cloud-based software has been increasingly adopted by new businesses and huge organizations. Consider these experiences for reference to better understand the prevalence of cloud tech in our daily lives:

  • We no longer use word processors, instead we use Google Docs
  • We no longer download movies offline, instead we stream it off Netflix and Prime
  • We no longer download music, or rip CDs, instead we use services like Spotify.
  • There will no longer be a need to download games with the advent of services like Stadia and PS Now

The increase in internet bandwidth with lowering costs and the shift away from desktops to tablets and smartphones has increased the proliferation of such “light-weight”alternatives that truly help us take our world wherever we go.

Giddh has taken it upon itself to lead the charge when it comes to cloud accounting as a means to encourage collaboration, blur the borders and share a glimpse of the future with its users. Giddh delivers you with powerful analytics and filtering tools to give you the right financial information at the right time, from anywhere!

The Cloud is Everywhere

With governments across the world enforcing lockdowns, organizations are increasingly dependent on innovation to proceed with their lives. The current pandemic panic demonstrates how cloud computing has become fundamental in the modern world.

  • From games to enterprise software, cloud computing is everywhere
  • Cloud hosting suppliers like Giddh implement security of the highest order to safeguard your information from cyber-attacks.
  • Numerous hospitals, healthcare institutions, and government health service organizations have digitized and carried their information to the cloud to upgrade benefits and expand patient outcomes.

With your accounting systems in the cloud, performing a few or the entirety of your accounting activities on Giddh turns into an incredible method to minimise costs, reduce risk, and save time to concentrate better on your business.

The Changing Consumer Mindset

Consumer mindset has also witnessed a sea change with the advent of cloud computing and cloud-based tools like Giddh. The days of calling a troubleshooting team to visit a work location to fix software issues are long gone.

Especially with the onset of COVID-19 there IS no one at the work site! Cloud-based tools like Giddh are centrally maintained and updated so that users can instantly log in and start working without the worries of software crashes or incompatible version files. Remote-support is just a click away to guide users when they need help.

Advantages of Cloud Computing Software like Giddh

With their whenever/anyplace availability, online accounting software offers companies significant advantages over customary desktop accounting devices.

Here are a couple of advantages to online accounting software:

  • Cost Savings: Stay away from the costs related to costly business accounting software and licenses by switching to an affordable subscription model. A standalone license for a desktop accounting software can cost anywhere between 25000 to 30000. Giddh pricing starts as low as Rs.800 per month!

  • Less Complexity: Interfaces of cloud-powered software like Giddh are explicitly designed from the ground up to create a seamless and user-friendly experience for both new users and pros. Things like invoicing and reconciliation are never more than a click away!

  • Universal Convenience: As long as you have internet connection most systems are likewise mobile-ready and can be used on tablets, cell phones, just as on a PC.

  • Work Faster and Smarter: Accounting has probably the most ordinary, repetitive, and tiring accounting tasks. Which is why Gidd offers a single-point solution for all your accounting needs. What’s more – we have integrated the convenience of banking within Giddh to enable users to easily reconcile accounting data with their bank account.

  • Security: Cloud accounting tools like Giddh let you set specific user permissions to ensure your data is in the right hands. Our state-of-the-art security solutions ensure your data is not compromised and is safely guarded by cyber attacks and data breaches.

  • Simplified, straightforward IT: Since the product is run and managed in the cloud, IT tasks like troubleshooting and updates are taken care of automatically by the provider and not you – the user!

Innovate or Adopt

It is more and more certain that the COVID-19 pandemic will bring about one of the most problematic economic scenes of our age. We are already seeing some troublingly extreme outcomes, with worldwide stock market volatility, purchaser retail panic, and entire carrier fleets grounded uncertainty.

Companies who are not innovating or adopting new age agile practices are now facing the heat. Giddh helps you stay afloat during these troubling times with innovations that can empower small and medium businesses. If you are a business owner willing to take things to the next level, switching to the convenient side of things with Giddh can help you focus on more important issues like strategy and operations while we take care of your accounting needs.

From Giddh with Love

At Giddh we are doing our part to help businesses return to normalcy in the fastest way possible. Owing to the ongoing crisis, we are giving out a free 3-month trial for business owners to help them discover the power of the cloud and dive right back into business with a clear overview of their finances. Click here to sign up!


The cloud has brought strength and flexibility for online platforms and services so they can keep working without being crippled due to unforeseen occurrences like the COVID-19 lockdown.

So it’s true that the future is in the cloud.

And Giddh is already there to help you in your endeavours!