Giddh, October 10, 2016

Giddh 0.1.1 Launch

We launched our version 0.1.0 on 17th June, and right after the launch we got many helpful reviews and suggestions from you. We jot all those points down. Yes, we did not miss a single suggestion. 🙂

So we are here with a new enhanced version of Giddh 0.1.1.

An overview of everything we worked upon in these three months after getting feedbacks from our customers, are as follows:

  • Everyone’s main concern is Invoice, so we are now ready with Basic Invoice Features. Yay! Here you can customize the design, send Invoice, and your customer too can download invoice on their own.
  • Now you have ledger with two Scroll options.
  • We have introduced Dashboard with a few Graphs, Include Net-worth, Profit, revenue and expense historical data with last year comparison any many more analytics.
  • You can now see Closing balance with the last five transactions of an account. C/B of a Group and company Net-worth is on your mobile via SMS.

We are also starting a page that shows all the details of Giddh’s upcoming features. For this, we are using Trello. Here’ the link.

Here we are also coming with RESTful API for developers. With the help of this any software can make direct entries without the human effort to keep their Accounting Books updated.

And now you have our Support and Sales on the new Toll-free number @ 1800–3131–911.