Giddh, October 12, 2016

Invoice/2.0 is here. And here’s why you’ll love it!

We were far more than excited to give version 0.1.1 to you. But we did not stop at that. A few months ago, during one of the Monday morning discussions, the invoicing issue popped up.

We thought what could we do with invoicing? What is more to invoicing other than the usual generate, edit and download option? And it came to us. The version 2.0 of invoicing itself, a function originally developed by Giddh, which is currently under testing phase. But we are excited to tell you what it’s gonna be.

The purpose of generating/sending invoices goes far beyond giving your clients a certain figure they need to pay. What is the use of an invoice if they cannot pay the said amount immediately from the same source that generated it? We have solved it!

Giddh’s invoicing now comes with instant payment option from all the avenues (credit cards/debit cards/net banking/cash cards/wallets). That means, your clients will be able to pay you on the same page, on the same invoice that they see. No more redirecting them to your websites/lengthy processes. Tada!

All with a simple click. 🙂