Giddh, April 13, 2018

Optimise, Analyse and Evaluate with Giddh Dynamic Dashboard

Optimise, Analyse and Evaluate with Giddh Dynamic DashboardWorking closely with business owners across the country, Giddh knows how important it is for you to make calculated decisions. To help you with this, we integrated, what we like to call, a Dashboard, in our accounting software. Dashboard is a visualisation tool which can be your one stop destination that summaries all the important details pertaining to your business such as your added bank accounts, expense reports so far and revenue generation.

Optimise, Analyse and Evaluate with Giddh Dynamic DashboardGiddh Dashboard has a data driven approach and curates the necessary and cuts out the secondary data to offer you a comprehensive view of your business’s health. It is made up of charts, reports, and widgets containing information like number of projects, customers, profits, and percentages.

Okay…So, Who Can Use This Dashboard? At Giddh, we have observed that decision makers and owners of businesses are the most common users of a dashboard. They analyse their business’s financial status like quarterly turnovers, losses, and expenses. However, our dashboards aren’t just limited for business owners and management.

Optimise, Analyse and Evaluate with Giddh Dynamic DashboardGiddh Dashboard are highly dynamic, displaying varying information based on you and your requirements. For example, if you are a business owner, your dashboard shows high level data such as your net worth, monthly revenue generation, your added bank accounts. Where as if you are a retail store owner with inventory management needs, Giddh dashboard can show you stock inflow and inventory status on a daily basis at run time. Thus, every metric on a dashboard is easily adaptable to its user.

Wow…But, What’s In it For Me?

Apart from being an obvious indicator of your business’s financial progress & standing, having a dashboard for your business can give you several functional benefits.

Optimise, Analyse and Evaluate with Giddh Dynamic DashboardWhile you’re juggling the countless cogs and wheels of your business, a bird’s eye view of what’s happening can help you sort out which aspects needs more resources and attention.Having critical numbers displayed in the most comprehensive and user friendly way can always act as a motivation and milestone. When there’s urgency, you and your team would strive to perform.

Thanks to Dashboard, you don’t have to hop across various services to investigate — a dashboard highlights exactly when and where something’s amiss. With the aid of the dashboard, you can tackle specific issues such as where to invest your earnings, where expenses are higher than anticipated and how to curb them.

In the recent years, the world of bookkeeping too has moved to the cloud. Entrepreneurs and business owners are breathing a rare air today as they no longer need to live through the hassle of manually managing their books and then spend hours in analysing their business standing..

Sounds Great! How Do I Get on Board?

Whether you’re an inventory manager, or the owner of an up-and-coming start-up, Giddh offers you complete control over your finances. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial to experience how we take accounting beyond rows, columns & numbers.