Giddh – Keeping Indian Business Owners GST Compliant & Future Proof.

From GST compliant invoicing to direct GST filing , Giddh has become the favourite accounting solution to business owners across the country.

GST About To Turn One! Still Confused How GST Works?

As we near GST’s first birthday, let’s revisit on how Cloud Accounting Software gives business owners automation on one hand and GST filing

Why Your Startup Needs An Online Accounting Software?

Today we look at 4 different ways startups and entrepreneurs can manage their finances with the aid of an online accounting software.

Back to Basics. What is cloud? How can accounting get easier with cloud?

In case, you want your business to function faster and smarter it is wise to invest in cloud accounting software. By working in the cloud, you can have easy access to financial information and capacity to work in tandem with your team.

Blogging Tips for Business Owners

As a business owner or an accountant, do you ever wish you could clone yourself? Just think, if there were several productive copies of you running around,

A piece of peace with Inventory Management!

Hang on, what’s this? How would managing your inventory help you have a peaceful life? What does inventory management have to do with mental wellness.

Real Time Success with Real time Accounting!

Before the cloud became mainstream — accounting was mostly limited to hundreds of files and file cabinets.

Save Time, Save Money and Get on the Cloud!

With business of all sizes now largely operating with the technological tools of the digital age, companies everywhere have started going as

5 Candy Crush Lessons for Online Accounting

Candy Crush has been one of the most played games in the world.It earns $12,71,162 in estimated daily revenue and gets 65672 daily downloads on an average. On buses, local trains, cafes, waiting in line (waiting anywhere, in fact!) one can see people with their phones or tablets play this highly addictive game and can hear its telltale theme.

5 Signs Your Business is Ready to Move to Cloud and use Online Accounting Services!

Do you ever wonder how a business owner ultimately decides which finance management service is appropriate for their business? Some choose to keep those services housed internally, managing from within and scaling under a complex internal structure. Others choose to fill their organisation with freelancers and part-time work force to support expanded bookkeeping needs. And finally there are those who choose to outsource fractional services, including everything from their marketing to their entire

GST Reporting Tools How Technology Makes Taxation Easy

GST (Goods and Services Tax) refers to a tax which is imposed on the supply of goods and services. Earlier, there were various taxes on goods

GST Compliance with Giddh; Enabling Easy Taxation

The GST (Goods and Services Tax) has made the life of most people, especially businessmen highly complicated. The new regime aims

Optimise, Analyse and Evaluate with Giddh Dynamic Dashboard

Working closely with business owners across the country knows how important it is for you to make calculated decisions. To help you with this, we integrated, what we like to call, a Dashboard, in our accounting software. Dashboard is a visualisation tool which can be your one stop destination that summaries all the important details pertaining to your business such as your added bank accounts, expense reports so far and revenue generation.

Why Giddh with Tally is a match made for Indian businesses?

Gyanendra Joshi is a 40-year-old Indian merchant living in Nasik. He has a small trading business for almost 20 years.

Key Highlights from the 33rd GST Council Meeting

Goods and Service Tax Council slashes tax rates on the country’s dormant yet promising real estate sector.

How to Empower the Accounts Department of Your Startup with Automated Accounting

Still using paper or Excel or Tally for your business’s accounting tasks? There’s a better way. Maybe a manual accounting system worked fine for your small business when you were just starting out.

Accounting Automation Myths Busted How This Growing Indian Business Is Managing a Large Customer Base

Read how the accounting team of India’s growing cloud-communications startup busted the myths surrounding automated accounting and managed more clients in less time.

Benefits of invoice automation for small businesses

The benefits of invoice automation should be talked about more often in accounting practices. It is one of those features that have so much potential in simplifying the day-to-day accounting for Indian businesses.

32nd GST Council Meet —All You Need to Know

Presenting to you the major updates and announcements made by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley from the 32nd GST Council Meeting. he first GST Council meeting of 2019 went underway

The 2018 resolution for you Make your accounting effective

You know that when it comes to knowing the true face of your business’s financial health, account department is where you need to head.

Running in loss? Here’s how to reverse it!

Loss is part and parcel of any business. Businesses that are newly established are more prone to the risk of losses because understanding

Mistakes to avoid in your accounting practices in 2018

As we are getting ready to welcome the dawn of a new year, most of us have a list of “new year resolutions” for 2018. And, if you’re a proud owner

Most common small business accounting mistakes

Making good turn-overs and earning a name in the market is every business’ goal. But that’s always easier said than done.

What makes Giddh the most complete accounting software?

Realizing the need of simplifying complex accounting , being precise about the records, getting more work done in a short time, and reducing losses

7 features of Giddh accounting software that help SMEs

Whether it’s a small-scale business r a large-scale, the business areas to pay attention on are almost the same. But with limited financial assistance, smaller team at