Why your business cannot do without accounting?

Small, medium, or large — it doesn’t matter on which scale you are running your business. As long as business transactions are being done,

Top reasons to use online accounting software

A plethora of reasons stating why Online Accounting is best for businesses have already been shared in the earlier posts. However, there are few

Online accounting over age old bookkeeping

Think about storing all your business accounting details and other data in a bulky book that suffers the risk of loss, theft,

Basic guidelines to be followed while maintaining accounts

Accounting becomes the most sensitive issue in a business concern irrespective of the size of the business. It therefore becomes important to keep in mind some basic guidelines while maintaining

Changing the accounting image

Accounting is not exactly the same as it used to be before. It isn’t all colossal, tiring, and procedure-oriented. The accounting image has changed over the times with

Assisting your business in snowballing revenue

Revenue generation in a business does not only depend on the ability a business to create and market its products; it also depends on some indispensable

Benefits of online accounting to small business

No stressing over data-loss, no need of hiring too many accountants, no need for frequent upgradation, ability to save all your data on cloud, and so on.

Accounting Essentials

The geographic world called globe has become a very unsafe place due to check- hoax, so make sure to base the limit lines in the midst of you

Accounts management on the count of 1, 2, 3

Gone are the days when accounting was tough, complicated, and boring.With the introduction of cloud computing, accounting couldn’t have been easier

Online accounting — utility oriented service in a developing country like India

In a developing country like India where businesses are thriving to keep up with the changing needs of the business, it is very important

Software as a service (Cloud computing) vs. desktop accounting software

When it comes to accounting, a business has two options either to go for traditional desktop accounting software, or to use online accounting services.

Mind-it rules of accounting

Accounting follows a very simple double entry system which states that every accounting transaction has two sides — debit and credit.

Giddh — what it is and what it does

A business does transactions in large amounts. But it is very important for any business to understand the amount of data

Online accounting software — a wise choice for business

The benefit of online accounting software far exceeds its downsides (if any). These days, business aims at using modern and up to date technologies

Reasons your business may fail to survive

Mediocrity is not an issue until you decide to remain a mediocre. If a business is termed as average and is happy with the term without caring

Need of Financial Management Software

Launching various products and services through innovating ideas is not only essential to hike your business. You also have to maintain

Features every online accounting software should have

With the need of accounting growing day by day, the number of online accounting software’s have also increased. And this need has lead to increase in the amount of features in the existing

Accounting redefined

Accounting is no more limited to making an entry into the book of records, handling the debits and credits, preparing balance sheet, and simple profit and loss account statement.