Giddh, May 7, 2012

Reasons your business may fail to survive

a) Mediocre business

Mediocrity is not an issue until you decide to remain a mediocre. If a business is termed as average and is happy with the term without caring to improve for better, then it may fail to survive in the future.

b) Uneven growth

Improper or uneven growth is also a major reason why a business may fail to survive. It is very necessary for a business to show some consistency in its operations, otherwise its growth rate monitor may go off the charts.

c) Inefficient management

If the management of people and resources is not done in a resourceful manner then it will result in inefficient utilization of resources, thereby resulting in inefficient management.

d) Bad accounting

Blind walk in terms of business accounts is also a chief reason why your business will not last in the market. If you think that your accounting needs can be taken care of by a third party, then you are wrong. You need to be sure of the software you use and the people you hire, because bad numbers are certainly bad for your business. Have a look at Giddh.

e) Changing market

The market changes rapidly regardless of whatever industry you belong to. What you call fashion today, becomes outdated tomorrow. Therefore, understanding the changing business environment is quintessential for your business. Otherwise, chances are, your business might cease to exist.