Giddh, May 7, 2012

Software as a service (Cloud computing) vs. desktop accounting software

When it comes to accounting, a business has two options, either to go for traditional desktop accounting software, or to use online accounting services. On one hand where desktop accounting software’s are high in cost, need to be updated frequently and run the risk of data loss in case of computer crash, online accounting software’s (mostly) are free of use and the risk of data loss is much less since all the data is stored online.

Online accounting is also known as cloud computing, and the major advantage of it is that you don’t need to hire extra employees to handle the data. The software will do that job. Giddh accounting software offers you just the same at free of cost, giving you access on Android, IPhone, and everywhere you can imagine. So you do the small work and let Giddh handle all behind-the-scene activities.

Major advantages of online accounting with Giddh include:

1) Free accessibility from anywhere with no need to install anything whatsoever.

2) No need of up gradation, licensing issues and getting the latest version of the software, since Giddh is always up to date and understands your changing business needs.

3) You can access your data anywhere since your accounting software is not locked to your desktop only.

4) At the end of the month/year you will get graphs representing the data you have recorded in the past month. This will not only help you compare the data, but will also give you a chance to improve upon your business.

5) Utmost ease in operations since Giddh aims at making accounting simpler rather than complex. The transactions are recorded in diary form, and the only thing you need to know is debit and credit of the transaction.

6) 24 hour helpline service by security helpdesk persons.