Most common small business accounting mistakes

Making good turn-overs and earning a name in the market is every business’ goal. But that’s always easier said than done.

What makes Giddh the most complete accounting software?

Realizing the need of simplifying complex accounting , being precise about the records, getting more work done in a short time, and reducing losses

7 features of Giddh accounting software that help SMEs

Whether it’s a small-scale business r a large-scale, the business areas to pay attention on are almost the same. But with limited financial assistance, smaller team at

Want long-term profit? Try these 5 tips

In the last blog, we learnt about the two kinds of profit margins you should know in order to maximize overall profit. This is the second blog in the

How to optimize profit?

Two same-scale companies in the same business, yet sometimes one makes more profit than the other.How? Right technologies and smart strategies

The two kinds of profit margins every small business needs to know

Rahul Dubey owned a successful small manufacturing business that fetched him sales of Rs 1 crore every year. However,recently he noticed a major

5 ways small business owners waste their money

Is your customer always on your mind? Same is with us. We are always curious about what our customers want, what they like, what’s eating them, what their needs are and such. During some of our conversations, we realized small business owners sharing about how they end up wasting money. Apart from helping them out with their finance management, we created a list of money-wasters. Let’s check them out.

Which accounting software is best in India for GST?

This is a question all kinds of businesses — small or medium, large or very large — have been asking since the GST implementation. But before you

How does accounting help in IT business management?

If you can’t control your money, you can’t control your business, as they say. Now who doesn’t know this? Yet most IT small businesses don’t

The 3 things about modern accounting that every IT business owner should know

Businesses in the IT sector or IT-enabled services are often more tech-savvy (they better be). Owners are most likely come from an engineering

How offline methods of accounting kill your productivity?

Accounting in India has truly come of age. From the dusty rooms storing those ‘bahi khaate’ to computerized entries followed by an entire offline software

Why accounting software is NOT a threat but your best business decision today?

If there’s one set of demographic that’s worried about cloud-ified technology in India, it’s that of accounting firms and tax professionals.

Why accounting software is a bus to future that you cannot miss?

If in five years, you still find yourself or your staff making offline entries of bills, invoices and sending payment reminders, you probably

Invoices you need to Know for GST

With the decade long pending decision of GST sanctioned, Taxable persons and Businesses need to take great care while raising invoices.

Why is it the best time to switch from Offline to Online Accounting

Small Business owners have a world of automation waiting for them in terms of accounting. The challenge is to be more profitable and efficient

When you should replace your old accounting software?

Since your business increases in size and intricacy, the tools that once hold you may now be holding you again. You are confronted with a significant

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