Giddh, January 11, 2018

The 2018 resolution for you Make your accounting effective

You know that when it comes to knowing the true face of your business’s financial health, account department is where you need to head. It helps you know if you’re making money, losing money, need to opt better schemes, improve sales strategy or identify anything that’s either bringing your business down or can bring it back up.

We know that you know all the reasons why accounting is important and we also know that despite knowing them, for some reason, most of you just can’t give accounting the attention and importance it must be given. Well, you know this has to change. So what better time than the start of a new year to decide and make your accounting better? Here are a few easy ways to help you do that-

1. Keep the records organized

If you’ve already spent some time owning a business now, you might have figured out that huge amount of data including sale details, inventory details, expenditure, profit, overhead charges, tax details, and a hundred of invoices and bills is to be maintained. Is it easy to do that? No. But it’s a less pain in the neck if done the right way. And what’s the right way? Proper organization.

Minimize the guesswork and don’t rely upon categorisation as the only assurance of good record-keeping because that’s never enough.

2. Let the technology assist you

With the advent of full-featured online accounting software like Giddh, most of your accounting problems get a one-stop solution. This software simplifies complex tasking and robotically follows your commands while also minimising the risk of errors. Be it about keeping records, invoicing, ledger sharing, generating GST reports or other dynamic reports, a good accounting software will definitely ease, quicken, and improve the accuracy of your accounting. What’s better is that good software will seamlessly integrate with your existing system so you’re saved from the trouble of getting used to the newness.

3. Ensure easy retrieval of information

You have a record of all the important information that you may need at any point of time- great! But what if you never find the exact piece of information or conclusion when you’re in the very need of it? It’s pointless to have a huge amount of good information without having the means to retrieve that information in usable format whenever and wherever required. For troubleshooting or making important business decisions, quick access to your previous data comes very handy.

4. Usability

To make the accounting better, you sure need to make some operational changes. Opting smart systems is one of them. Implementing changes that promise to solve your problems but are difficult for your employees to get accustomed to can increase the problem even more. So there must be a transparent understanding between the managers and the employees of how things must be worked out. Managers are the decision makers, but employees too have a say because they’re the ones who are in direct action. So start communicating with the employees more often. Learn about the problems and ask them for suggestions before the final decision.

If you implement these ways, not only your accounting will improve but the overall business growth will increase as well.

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