Giddh, May 27, 2013

Who Are Proficient Accountants in Accounting

Accountants’ Salaries Rise to Highest Levels in 24 Years

Being an accountant is a high profile job after all. Looking back from the recession times in 2007,

growth graph is steep. According to the latest survey of IMA (Institute of Management Accountants), 2013 sights highest salary level in 24 years. But, do you realise there has to be some reason for it, of course other than the inflation. With certified professionals earning 32% even higher than their non certified peers. Should we see this as a wake up call for accountants?

Business Owners Pick

Accountants working for businesses need to understand what businessmen expect from accountants. To perceive the issue properly, it is important to put yourself in other people’s shoes and then resolve it. What do you need to feel before you get on your marks to get set go?

  • Genuine Interest Show your interest in their business as if you really care about the finances. Get involved in present happenings in the company and come up with new prospects which would benefit the organization in longer run or immediately. Be creative in your ideas.
  • Deeper Understanding Show them and actually understand their business and its type. Read about competitors and mistakes people have made in this industry. Rectify them and warn your client about prospective errors that need attention. This will gain their trust over you.
  • Lead Generation Talk business and they will love you! Generate leads by suggesting about the company you are working with to people you feel might be prospective clients for the company you are working with. Convince people to buy the services/ products to increase profits.

Technical effect on Accountants

To be abreast with technology is the need of every industry today. But, the problem with accountancy is people mistake accounting softwares as a replacement to accountants. To clear the myth accountants have to stand firm having complete knowledge about all the existing accounting softwares in the market.

When you know about all the accounting soft wares, then only can you discuss the pros and cons of each with any person. Remember, knowledge is power.

Convince people about accountant’s importance as a human mind to control the robotics of an accounting software.

The Oomph factor

As the old maxim goes “first impression is the last impression.” You are what you are seen in first meeting for the client. An accountant needs to look like a reliable, trustworthy, honest, have an eye for detail, and on top of it all have a cheerful personality that people like to be with. Have that oomph factor in you by sounding enthusiastic and energetic.Clients are giving all their finances in your hand and so expect a safe hand to handle it with special care.

Ssshhh… The Best Kept Secret to Advance Your Career

A bright and shining career is dream of every working professional. But, is academic proficiency and top grades all you need to foster it. In the cutting edge competitive world, there are many things that need to be considered, but not everybody tells you all. As some great personality has said- “Share everything but keep one thing to yourself.” Below listed are a few things that matter a lot when on field.

  • Leadership
    Leadership is that quality which is needed even in the smallest group of 2–4 people and in the biggest groups of audiences. When you know how to lead, you know where to go, and once you know which direction to move in. You will never get in the hassles of confusion. Heading straight towards your goal is the best thing to be successful.
  • Decision Making
    A good decision maker is needed in every business but especially, when you are an accountant, you need to make decisions every day in and day out. The decisions to be made are not small or futile here. Crucial decisions are to be made which would affect hugely, even for slightest error. Also you cannot rely on anyone to help you in such decision making process as the data and everything is so confidential.
  • Diversified experience
    Indulge with new people everyday. Every new contact, new work and new environment gives you a deeper perspective for life. It helps you to build your own thought process and make decisions. Keep your eyes and ears wide open to learn from your surroundings, you never know what comes your way. And, learning of life never goes futile, it will come at your rescue somewhere, may be later in life.