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Why Giddh with Tally is a match made for Indian businesses?

Gyanendra Joshi is a 40-year-old Indian merchant living in Nasik. He has a small trading business for almost 20 years.

About seven years ago, he switched to Tally — the Indian accounting software that helped him make a successful transition from manual book-keeping to desktop accounting.

However, desktop accounting has its own pros and cons. Soon Gyanendra realized that despite having Tally and a full-time accountant, he faced a lot of challenges.

Gyanendra’s key issues with offline accounting

– Most of his peer businesses and clients had switched to online/cloud accounting

– His clients expected a soft copy of invoices, and timely payment reminders

– His staff often missed out on payment reminders

– Most of his financial data was stored locally on his accountant’s desktop.

– He couldn’t access his updated books on his laptop/mobile while travelling.

– He was dependent on the accountant for monthly finance reports.

– He knew if he had better analysis, his business could do much better.

– His accounting data often suffered from data corruption and version problems.

Now Gyanendra wanted to switch to online or cloud accounting for obvious reasons. However, there were still challenges.

Gyanendra’s key issues with switching to online accounting

– All his accounts data was stored in Tally

– Tally had short-cut keys that his accountant was familiar with

– His Tally accounting followed journal entry system

– Most cloud accounting software had a whole new system

– Cloud accounting software wasn’t as familiar as Tally

As Indian entrepreneurs ourselves, we at Giddh could completely relate with Gyanendra’s problems. Despite all the convenience that cloud accounting software, including ours, offered — we couldn’t he weren’t solving one major problem — familiarity with accounting software.

Giddh, therefore, came up with an integration plug-in with Tally. We explained the various benefits to Gyanendra, our first every client, and he agreed to make a switch.

Our team was constantly in the loop with him about his comfort and familiarity with the online accounting software. After a month of using it, he shared with us the following benefits –

#1 Giddh gives me two options

Gyanendra was delighted that his accountant could choose to maintain books in two ways –

1) Ledger entries

2) Journal entries (that look exactly like Tally)

#2 Giddh feels familiar to me

Giddh helped him solve a major familiarity problem. Along with his accountant himself, he was very familiar with the working of Tally system. He was happy that Giddh provided that along with cloud accounting. Now he could access his accounts from anywhere while also doing the accounting the way he did before.

#3 Giddh gives me Tally short-cuts

Gyanendra was most excited that he and his accountant could now use the same short-cuts that they did with offline Tally earlier. Giddh provides the exact same short-cuts.

#4 Giddh makes automatic entry upon invoice generation

For Gyanendra, this was a life-changing feature. When he generated the invoice, the cloud accounting software made a relevant entry automatically.

# 5 No chance of any missing entry

Giddh gave him an audit log system that means every transaction had a record now. There was no chance of any missing entry.

# 6 Giddh can send SMS to clients

Giddh provided Gyanendra with an add-on product that enabled him to send invoice/payment reminders to clients through bulk messaging.

We realized in the process of solving an Indian businessman’s problems that familiarity was what was keeping many small businesses from progressive accounting. We want to empower these small and medium businesses in India with handy finance analysis of their own businesses. Only then, can these businesses progress.

Check how to sync your data from Tally to Giddh. For inquiries, do contact us.