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All you ever need to be on top of your accounting is just an active internet connection. Conduct your business from anywhere with our cloud based accounting solution. Manage inventory, file GST returns, or reconcile your books; the possibilities are truly limitless with Giddh cloud accounting.

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Turn your browser into your office

Crunch numbers, reconcile books or send an urgent invoice to customers. With Giddh’s accounting software on cloud, turn your browser into your office and access all your financial data sitting at your local coffee shop or while you’re on a commute.

Stay ahead with automatic updates

With Giddh’s cloud based accounting software, you will automatically receive OTA (on the air) updates of the greatest and newest features that are added to Giddh. That means less effort on your part—which we all love. Now isn’t that awesome?

Save more on all fronts

No matter what your business is all about, making money must be your number one priority. By using our online cloud accounting software, you can save money as you would no longer need to worry about expensive version upgrades, maintenance costs & even the cost of hiring an entire accounting department.

Work smarter, grow faster

With a cloud based accounting software, your team-members don’t need to be all at the same time to collaborate or make major decisions. Thanks to easily shareable online reports, decision makers and accountants can be on the same page, even when they are not at the same place.

Online Vs. Offline Accounting Software

Online cloud accounting software has become the new norm for carrying out finance operations in the present day. In view of its rising popularity, let’s look at the major differences between a traditional desktop accounting software and a cloud accounting software:

Parameters Cloud Accounting Software Offline Accounting Software
Access to Data Can be accessed from any device anywhere Can be only accessed via a specific PC
Software Updates Automatic updates available Manual updates required
Data Loss Data stored securely on servers with regular data backing Data stored on PC with risk of data loss from disk crash or hardware problems
Security Risks Servers and OSs maintained by experts, protected from virus risks High risk of data loss and corruption. Anti-virus software acts only after virus has affected data
Configurations Email and SMS can be configured seamlessly Email and SMS may not be integrated with PC software
OS Upgrades Doesn’t impact OS software since it’s not installed Software may be required to be reinstalled and license key retrieved
Pricing Monthly or yearly subscription charges One-time cost plus annual maintenance charges
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Advantages of Cloud Accounting Software

Most businesses are switching over to online cloud accounting software since they make business operations and financial information management easier. If you haven’t yet switched over to accounting software on cloud, then you might want to look at the benefits you may be missing out on:
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  • Speed - All your normal daily operations can be completed at lightning speed. The automation can bring in a welcome change in your functioning and help your employees get more work done and process more data. No more wasting time posting or chasing invoices. With the accounting cloud based software, you can generate automatic invoices. It can also help you to keep track of all your debtors and provide timely reminders to make payments. The software can also help avoid any unnecessary duplications as well as other human errors. Since they are regularly updated automatically, you can expect fast and accurate financial operations without any intervention.
  • Security - One of the common concerns for CFOs and other financial personnel can be the security of software. Vulnerable software can not only result in loss of data but also lead to leak of confidential information. Using backup systems doesn’t help much since they end up creating duplicate versions of files, plus storage costs can be quite cumbersome. With cloud accounting software, the data can be backed up and stored on an offline server. This can immune businesses to losses from virus, theft, or accidents and still help you retain your data.
  • Centralised access - Cloud-based accounting helps in centralised access to all data as well as offers collaborative opportunities. This reduces clutter since different departments and employees can work on a single file without creating multiple versions of it. It also makes user access and login permissions easy so that everyone can access the file without difficulties. It’s also possible to access the data from anywhere and on any device.
  • Scalability - One of the best advantages of cloud-based accounting software is that they can be customised to meet the needs of small as well as large businesses. Because of this scalability, you can easily expand the functions of the software to meet the needs of your growing business. It can be adapted to include all the necessary integrations and features you may need along the way.
  • Simple to use - >Maybe one of the best catches for the software is that it can be easily used by people who are not from accounting backgrounds. So those who may not have experience of handling financial accounts have a lot of guides and resources and an intuitive system to help them.
  • Updated data - One of the benefits that must be highlighted are automatically updated data that can reflect in the business balance sheets in real time. There are also several regularly updated reports that can give you an overview of your finances. It also helps you make better financial decisions.
  • Accuracy - Since most of the functions are automated, human errors are reduced to a great extent. This increases the efficiency and accuracy of your business operations. For example, working repeatedly on the same invoices can create human errors sometimes which automated accounting can omit.
  • Efficiency - Online cloud accounting software can also help you streamline your finance processes and boost the overall efficiency of your employees. It can also help increase productivity and help employees make the best use of their time and schedules.
  • Integrations - Cloud accounting software can also be integrated with other apps and tools such as CRMs and payroll software. This can help you expand your operations and cover all aspects with just one software.
  • Pricing - You can also save a fortune by doing away with the hefty one time fee for accounting software along with the yearly maintenance costs. Paying the monthly subscription fees may be better suits for your pocket. There are also several discounts that come with the subscription.
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Why Giddh is Better Than Conventional Accounting Software

Although there exist some of the oldest tallying and accounting software players in the market, with more emerging choices people are opting for modern and advanced software. There are several ways in which Giddh as a cloud accounting software can make a better option:

  • Setup – Firstly, the entire ergonomics is designed to make any layman use it efficiently. The dashboard is customised so that people from a non-accounting background can also use it effectively. Also, it’s as simple as signing up and using it. Offline, conventional, on the other hand, needs to be installed on every computer.
  • Accessibility – As mentioned above, Non-cloud based software can only be accessed from the computer or desktop it’s installed in. Giddh’s cloud software, on the other hand, can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.
  • Invoices – Since invoicing is a core part of accounting processes, so a software such as Giddh which helps you customise invoices is better than one which just creates the same ones repetitively. You can also stop worrying about GSTs in your invoices since they’ll be calculated automatically.
  • Customer support – You also get the benefit of 24*7 customer support through chat or phone calls for resolving any of your problems. All your doubts are easily solved by experts.
  • Cost-expensive – Instead of the hefty one-one time fee, you can choose the smart-priced plans of Giddh designed for your convenience. You can choose from the basic free plan, the moderate Rs. 800 per organisation per year plan or the premium Rs. 4000 per organisation per year plan. Here are the details:

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People interested in features

What does cloud accounting mean?

A cloud accounting software isn’t very different from the traditional, locally-hosted software, but it is capable of handling more complex tasks and is hosted on remote servers or the cloud. Here, the data and the software are stored on remote servers instead of the user’s desktop, and the user can access it through the internet via a cloud service provider.

How can accounting software help us?

An accounting software can help you carry out financial tasks, such as recording your company expenses, preparing estimates, creating and sending invoices, filing tax returns, keeping a record of profit and loss statements, allocating budgets and making forecasts. It can also be used to automate the manual and repetitive tasks involved in maintaining financial accounts, and save up on significant time and resources. 

Is my data safe & secure in the cloud accounting system?

As compared to traditional accounting software, cloud-based accounting systems offer better security for your financial information. All your data is stored on remote servers in an encrypted format. Besides, the best cloud accounting software ensures that critical financial data is not exposed to unauthorised sources and has backup servers to ensure there is zero data loss. With cloud-based accounting software, it is safe and easy to share data as well. You can just grant access rights to the person you want to share your data with.

Can I access my accounting data from multiple devices & multiple users at the same time?

Web-based accounting software allows access to your accounting data through the internet to different users and systems. Therefore, your data can be accessed by multiple users and multiple devices at the same time. Besides, you can set the access permission for each user so that you can control which data can be accessed by a particular user.

How cloud accounting is better than an offline solution?

Online cloud accounting software offers several advantages over offline solutions, which are described below.
  • Cloud accounting software offers more flexibility and accessibility than its offline counterpart.
  • The errors that may occur while manually entering the data in offline solutions can be prevented.
  • Cloud accounting solutions are better equipped to handle multi-currency and multi-company transactions efficiently.
  • Cloud accounting solutions are easier to manage and require less maintenance.
  • Collaboration between different departments becomes easier thanks to a common platform where one can track, communicate and edit accounts.
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