Run your business from any corner of the world!

All you ever need to be on top of your accounting is just an active internet connection. Conduct your business from anywhere with our cloud based accounting solution. Manage inventory, file GST returns, or reconcile your books; the possibilities are truly limitless with Giddh cloud accounting.

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Turn your browser into your office

Crunch numbers, reconcile books or send an urgent invoice to customers. With Giddh, turn your browser into your office and access all your financial data sitting at your local coffee shop or while you’re on a commute.

Stay ahead with automatic updates

With cloud based accounting platform you will automatically receive OTA(on the air) updates of the greatest and newest features that are added to Giddh. That means less effort on your part—which we all love. Now isn’t that awesome!

Save more on all fronts

No matter what your business is all about, making money must be your number one priority. By using cloud accounting software, you can save money as you would no longer need to worry about expensive version upgrades, maintenance costs & even the cost of hiring an entire accounting department.

Work smarter, grow faster

With cloud accounting software, your team-members don’t need to be all at the same time to collaborate or make major decisions. Thanks to easily shareable online reports, decision makers and accountants can be on the same page, even when they are not at the same place.