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Link your bank account seamlessly with Giddh

Get new transactions delivered from your bank account into Giddh– automatically & securely. By linking your bank accounts you can actively monitor your day to day transactions and reconcile your books. Bank link helps you keep track of your cash flow in the most secure, fast and reliable way.

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Connect bank and get automatic updates

As a growing business, your volume of bank transactions must be growing. With bank account linking, you no longer have to upload those transactions one after the other at week’s or month’s end. Giddh fetches all your transactions automatically for you so that you can stay on top of your finances.

Reconcile with a snap of fingers

With one-click reconciliation feature, we have made the process of reconciliation so easy, it is no more a complicated chore you would want to avoid. With just one click, you would know your balances as per bank and as per your books.

Got Multiple Bank Accounts? We got you Covered

With Giddh bank account linking, you can monitor the deposit, transfer, and withdrawals of cash whether you hold a single bank account or several accounts from multiple banks, right from our easy and friendly interface.

Giddh will connect to your favorite bank

Major national banks like SBI, ICICI and many more can be linked with Giddh to let your transactions to flow automatically. Can’t find your bank? Just let us know and we’ll try to help you out.

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