How to generate sales invoice in Giddh

To create a new sales invoice in Giddh log in to your Giddh account

To search anything in Giddh just press Ctrl+g (for Windows) or cmd+g (for Mac).


Press Ctrl+G/Cmd+G > Sales Invoice

Select the existing customer or click on "Add Customer' to add a new customer

Fill all the required customer and Invoice details 

Fill the product/service information, and to add items in bulk click on "Add Bulk Entries"

Click on the Select Account to select a Cash or Bank account in which you are receiving the payment

Click on the more button if you want Create & Send or Create & Print the sales Invoice

Create & Send - for generate an invoice and promptly send it to a recipient

Create & Print - for generate an invoice and print it i​mmediately

For only generating the sales invoice click on the "Generate Sales" button

Click on the 'Generate Sales & Update A/c' if you have made any changes in the customer's details and would like to update it in the Master account directly