How to generate sales invoice in Giddh

To create a new sales invoice in Giddh log in to your Giddh account.

To search anything in Giddh just press Ctrl+g (for Windows) or cmd+g (for Mac).


Type Ctrl+G or Cmd+G > Sales Invoice (Menu) 


Sales Invoice (Menu) > Select Customer > check date 

Add products, services, Tax, Discount etc. 

From Add bulk entries you can add multiple stocks in a single selection

From Add bulk entries you can add multiple stocks in single selection

After selecting all the stock simply click on add 

Add other details like shipping date, tracking number etc. as well as you can add instant note of the invoice.

If you are receiving the amount at the same time and want to make deposit entry then use deposit section 

Now click on generate sales 

Create & Send - To create an invoice and send it over the email to someone

Create & Print - To create an invoice and take out the printout

Generate sales - To Create an invoice 

Generate Sales and Update A/c - If there is any change in the customer account and you want to save then it will generate the invoice and update that information in master.