How to Integrate Email for sending an Invoice

To integrate Email for sending an Invoice in Giddh, log in to your Giddh account.

To search anything in Giddh just press Ctrl+G (for Windows) or Cmd+G (for Mac).


Press Ctrl+G/ Cmd+G and search Invoice > Settings Menu

There are two options either you can use your Gmail or You can use your private domain email address 

For using the Gmail option - 

Click on integrate Gmail option

Once done just turn on the option send email through Gmail and save the changes

It is done!


For using the private domain email address - 

Fill the email id in the from email option

Click on the verify button. 


Once done one verify email has been sent to your email id. 

Click on that link and verify your email id. 

Refresh the page once done you will see it is verified.