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Multi currency accounting software makes it easy to manage your accounting in more than 100 currencies for your fast & growing business. Giddh makes managing multi-currency payments, invoicing and accounts easy.

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Eliminate Confusion with Automatic Currency Conversion

Say goodbye to unnecessary exchange rate confusions and accounting mismatch with multi-currency accounting. Giddh does all the heavy lifting & automatically converts the International currencies into your base currency. The best part? You have the option to modify and enter your own rate manually.

Keep Your International Customers Smiling

Easily accept payments from your International customers & invoice them with easy to use multi currency accounting software. Send invoices in your customer’s currency, and keep your books updated in the currency you manage your business in.

Set Preferred Currency to Business Accounts

With Giddh you are always in control! You can set a default foreign currency to all the business accounts of your foreign customers. After which, all the invoices and reports of that account will be generated in the set currency.

Benefit from Dynamic Business Reporting

All your financial reports; trial balance, profit & loss, balance sheet, will be automatically created in your company base currency so you have an accurate view of your financial position and be well aware of your cash flow.

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What type of businesses can use the Giddh multi-currency accounting software?

Giddh’s innovative multi-currency accounting software is designed to cater to all the accounting, invoicing and related activities of businesses at a budget-friendly price. Hence, it is widely used by start-ups, agencies, enterprises and SMEs that require managing accounts that deal with multiple currencies.

What are the advantages of using the Giddh multi-currency accounting software?

The following are the advantages of using the Giddh multi-currency accounting software that make it worth the try.
  • Flexibility: Giddh offers you flexibility in payment options. It helps you handle transactions involving different currencies.
  • Money-saving: With Giddh, you get the increased convenience of dealing with multiple accounts without investing in an expert or a manual system.
  • Better security: Your financial reports are safe from any security breaches with Giddh.
  • Linked bank accounts: Giddh allows you to link multiple bank accounts so that you can check your transaction history anywhere and anytime you want.
  • Diligent support team: Giddh’s support team is just a call or email away to help you with any issue that arises.

Are the currency rates mentioned updated and accurate?

Yes, the mentioned currency rates are updated and accurate. Giddh periodically pulls in the exchange rates online to ensure that businesses and financial advisors have the accurate data needed to make effective decisions. Giddh also allows you to set a default currency so that you can receive your invoices according to the set currency.

How does the currency converter work?

We save the latest data of currency conversion in our system. So, when the user creates an invoice or uses a related functionality for bookkeeping, the conversion amount is shown in the respective entry form/field.

Can I customize the exchange rates?

Yes, you can customize the currency exchange rate and enter the desired amount as per the situation or requirement.
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