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Smart collaboration across all departments

Multi user accounting software enables business owners & accountants to collaborate and make the best of their numbers. With real time sharing of financial data, you can derive meaningful insight and run your business with efficiency.

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Giddh multi-user online accounting software gives you the power to provide specified controlled access to different stakeholders who want access to a specific part of your financial data. With our unique role-based model sharing becomes easy, fast and super secure. You can

  • Profit/Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, General Ledger and Trial Balance.
  • Drill down the reports by date, financial year, or even project type.
  • Export reports in any of the two supported formats: PDF or Excel.
  • Invite your accountant, partners or investors.

Collaborate across multiple departments

Give your staff specific access to the different accounting modules they need to do their job. With multi-user accounting, your sales manager will be happy with real time invoice sharing and your accounting staff will always be on top of the tax filing.And when it matters the most, you can get your advisor on board to speed up the process of decision making.

Avoid unnecessary confusion with ledger sharing

Giddh multi-user accounting software lets you share your ledger with view access to external accounting team or client so that all the discrepancies can be avoided. Additionally, witness the magic of magic link in ledger sharing. Magic link comes with the validity of 24 hours, after which your shared ledger will not be accessible.

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What are the benefits of using a multi-accounting software?

With Giddh’s multi-accounting software, you can easily add, remove, or modify access to multiple users within an organisation. It can also help you to create groups very easily and share any part of the data with different stakeholders. The multi-accounting software also gives the power to analyse and track what permissions are given to whom in a department.

Do I need to be a techie to handle the Giddh software?

The Giddh software has a really simple interface that can be used by a layman without a technical background. The cloud-based system also means that you can access the software from anywhere and on any device.

Do I need to have bookkeeping or accounting experience to use the Giddh software?

The Giddh software is designed in such a way that any person without an accounting experience can operate all the features of the software.

Can I provide access to the Giddh software to other team members?

The Giddh software offers collaboration options so that you can work along with your team members on the software. Moreover, it also gives you the power to provide time-restricted access to external members such as CAs and share the data with them only for a limited period of time after which permissions are revoked.

Is the Giddh software ideal for all types of businesses?

Giddh is especially ideal for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) thanks to its affordable pricing and easy to use interface that quickly helps owners get familiarised with the user interface.

How does a multi-accounting software work?

With Giddh’s multi-accounting software, you can easily add, remove and manage access to multiple users within an organization. Multi-accounting software also makes it easy to create groups and share only a portion of data to various departments. Its monitoring capabilities helps keep track of what data is accessible to whom.
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