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Pioneering the Automation Revolution in Accounting!
Giddh is a team with members who have accounting running in their blood, be it a member of development team or sales team. We are working relentlessly to push forward the automation revolution in bookkeeping industry with our tech solutions.

Since years Indian bookkeeping industry had fallen behind and failed to embrace the technological evolution. To change that once and forever, we have taken the initiative to keep adapting to the latest and greatest technologies making accounting simpler, faster and more secure.

As farsighted as a vulture:
As the name suggests, Giddh provides you with analytical tools that can help you to keep a sharp vision on your accounts so that you can invest your time on analysing them. We believe in making accounting not only automated but simple like an elementary task by creating a product that can be used by everyone; from a simple web user who wants to simplify his accounting to a highly proficient business owners looking to scale up, above and ahead.

A product from Walkover

Walkover is a closely knit team of technology enthusiasts with a reputation for adding significant value to a range of products for more than 8 years. We combine our technical expertise with business awareness to enable innovation that helps our clients to have a competitive edge.

We are transforming everyday workflow and businesses by building products that simplify processes. Our unique technology-based products has served over 100 clients to run more innovative and efficient businesses.

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MSG91 is the flagship product under the Walkover umbrella with over 8 years of experience making it one of the best messaging solution companies. With its easily configurable APIs and a global reach of over 90 countries, MSG91 provides its clients with messaging & mobile solutions whenever they want, where ever they are.

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Socket is a multiple API integration and automation tool that makes data flow faster and easier than ever to automate the services. It is the youngest and the smartest member in the family of Walkover products having its own API marketplace that makes developers’ lives easier and adds more power to your business.

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Our Values

Our values are the essence of our identity and summarises the purpose of our existence.

Customers Come First

We are the leaders that solve problems from the perspective of the customer’s experiences. Before wearing our corporate jacket, we wear our customer’s shoes to provide them the solutions they need.

Embracing Setbacks to Break Boundaries

Everytime we hit a wall of setback, we push ourselves harder to create new milestones and leave a legacy behind. Once a setback is experienced, we strive on with a deeper understanding of what is need to be done to eventually succeed.

We Set Impossible Goals

We are fueled with a healthy disrespect for the impossible. We make sure to never get distracted with trying to improve things by 10% when we have the certainty and the ability to improve them by 10x.

People are our Power

We know that technology is merely an enabler to challenge boundaries and true success is achieved by a honest, efficient and fearless individuals. We make sure to never stop in our pursuit of bringing out the best in people.

We Focus on ‘Why?’ & ‘How?’

Our philosophy revolves around two important questions -’Why’ and ‘How’. Asking ‘Why’ to ourselves and those around us gives the purpose for our actions and ‘How’ gives us the shortest path to execute them.

Always We Before Me

We believe in collaborating both inside and outside the organization to maximize our shared knowledge and bring great value to our customers. We are self-centred in our preparation, but selfless in our execution.

We Don’t Settle

We don’t settle for anything less than excellent and extraordinary in every group of our organization and possess the honesty to admit when we’re wrong and the courage to change, evolve and adapt according to the situation.

We Empower The Future

We focus on ways by which our organization can harness the power of technology to transform today which can create a better & brighter tomorrow in the most sustainable way.

Transparency and Honesty

We apply due care in maintaining transparency in our work by providing honest, accurate and impartial services to our clients. We avoid tricks, hidden agendas and make information accessible to our employees and our clients alike.

Leadership Principles

The difference between success and failure is not the amount of money or resources you have, but how a leader leads his team.


Nurtures Collaboration A good leader always nurtures collaboration and acts as an active part in the process of co-creation with his team and the entire ecosystem. A bad leader fails to grasp the importance of collaboration and thus fails himself and his team.

Leads through

Leads through Communication A Good leader creates an environment that promotes honest and open communications without the fear of judgement. A bad leaders creates an hostile environment that restricts open lines of communication.

Leads By Example

Leads By Example A good leader always leads by example. He is the first to take actions, sets milestones and then encourages his team follow. A bad leader is passive and fails to take initiative.

Consults and

Consults and Delegates A good leader has the ability to seek consultation from subordinates and also has the ability to assign tasks to the right employees taking their skills into account. A bad leader is a bad judge of skill set and delegates poorly.

Is Courageous

Is Courageous A good leader has the strength of self to act with intention on behalf of the common good. A bad leader does not possess the courage to take a stand during adversity.

Adds Integrity

Adds Integrity A good leader has moral courage, ethical strength, and trustworthiness. He is able to keep promises and fulfill expectations. A bad leader lacks integrity that inspires his team to take ethical measures in all their actions.

Serves for the
Greater Good

Serves for the Greater Good A good leader shows commitment that extends beyond one’s own self interest; personal humility for the sake of a greater cause. A bad leader is self serving and does not believe in serving for a greater good.

Defines and
Creates Processes

Defines and Creates Processes A good leader creates new processes before indulging into a new project and makes sure to change that process if it is rectifiable. A bad leader takes the shortest path to complete a project without rectifying the process.

Adapts to Evolve

Adapts to Evolve A good leader uses his experience to recognize different situations and take actions according to the context. A bad leader make the mistake of taking the same actions regardless of the facts.

The Team

Our VISION is to provide technologies to organizations that enables them to take data driven financial decisions in the quickest way possible.

The Team

  • Gaurav
  • Sheba
  • Ravinder
  • Prateek
  • Leena
  • Kriti
  • Rishi
  • Interested to
    join our


Pushpendra Agrawal,
Idea Guy, Technology Geek

A calculated risk-taker with passion for everything numbers, Pushpendra is an IMT pass out, and the founder of Walkover. Over the years Pushpendra has perfected the art of crafting the most efficient code and believes apathy to be a man’s biggest foe and time to be his biggest ally.

Ashish Yadav,
Concept Creator

Ashish brings 10+ years of experience with himself in designing highly functional and intuitive applications. He believes Design to be the biggest ‘Weapon of Mass Inspiration’. As a Head of Design at Walkover, his work is grounded in his deep interest in how people connect through visual communication.

Ankita Chadha,
Idea Brewer

With a knack for creating beautiful spaces and bringing together the brightest of minds,Ankita is the perfect blend of a novelist, having written a novel, and an entrepreneur, having founded Mitti-Brewing Ideas, a cafe where the thinkers and doers collaborate and let their creative juices flow.

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