Make sense of your numbers by automatic Financial Reports

Financial reports will help in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of any business, be it a small retail one or a growing e-commerce one.

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Smart accounting reports for business of any size

Stay on top of your numbers and make informed business decisions. Analyse and share your vital financial reports like- balance sheet, trial balance, profit/loss to the key decision maker of your business. Giddh gives you all reports you may need to run your business better.

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Big picture analysis made easy

You don’t need to be an accounting professional to know how your business is doing. Giddh financial reports are color-coded so that the process of analysis is simple like an elementary task for you. And if you want to bring an accountant overboard, you can seamlessly share your reports.

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Ready-made reports when you need them

With cloud-based business reporting, you don’t need to wait for the month’s end to know where your business stands as the reports can be viewed whenever you want and wherever you like.

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Keep an eye on the money owed to you

Keep tabs on your unpaid invoices and customers who owe money to your business with Aging report. Aging report provides clear answers to questions like - “how much do my customers owe me” & “how long have they owed that money”, enabling you to prepare better collection strategy.

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Collaborate & grow

Bring your accountant in so they can identify trends and actions. Download your automatically generated financial reports and share them with the stakeholders of your business: investors, executives, sales, finance, and other departments in formats like PDF and Excel.

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Your all round reporting solution

Giddh online accounting software produces all of the standard financial reports required by a forward- thinking business to make smarter and faster business decisions.

  • Profit/Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, General Ledger and Trial Balance.
  • Drill down the reports by date, financial year, or even project type.
  • Export reports in any of the two supported formats: PDF or Excel.
  • Invite your accountant, partners or investors.
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Financial reporting is a crucial part of business accounting functions. A financial reporting software helps a business automate the financial and accounting tasks. The financial reports software is available as a basic single-entry system and complex double-entry solutions. In this competitive business environment, adopting the best financial reporting tools are essential to ensure accuracy in accounting functions, cut down on expenses and boost efficiency. Top financial analysis software like Giddh can help you do that and offer greater visibility of your current financial standing and insights on factors that can impact your profitability.

The financial reporting process produces statements that present a business’s financial standing to the management, investors as well as the government. It includes the following.

  • Financial statements of income, comprehensive income, cash flows, stockholders’ equities and balance sheet
  • Any financial information available on the enterprise’s website
  • Documents of common stock and securities
  • Communication regarding quarterly earning and other relevant information
  • Quarterly and annual reports to stockholders as well as government agencies and SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)

Giddh’s financial analysis software offers different financial reports to help you understand the financial condition of your business. The four major reports that are necessary to indicate the financial well-being of business are–

  • Balance Sheet: These offer a comparison between the assets against liabilities and equity.
  • Income Statement: These reports are an indication of the income earned in an annual reporting period.
  • Capital Statement: These statements present an estimate of the increase or decrease in the capital accounts of the owner over a certain period.
  • Cash Flows: Cash flows are budgeting tools that are used for making predictions of the cash flow fluctuations in the future by analysing the performance of the past.

Majorly, there are three essential objectives of financial reporting, which are:

  • Inform investors about how efficiently their cash is being utilised and being reinvested in the business.
  • Track the cash flow to determine the source of incoming business finances
  • Offer an analysis of the assets, liabilities and owner’s equity

Giddh’s financial reporting and analysis software offers all the essential financial reports that an organisation or enterprise needs to make critical business decisions. They include a balance sheet, P&L statements, general ledger, trial balance, etc.

Giddh’s finance reporting software offers the financial reports in formats like PDF and Excel, which make it easier to download or directly share the report to the CA or accountant, stakeholders of your business as well as other departments of your organisation.