Know your business' worth with simple online dashboard

Turn your accounting data into business intelligence with Giddh Dashboard.

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Assess your numbers in one glance

Gain actionable insights and easily evaluate growth of your business. Real-time accounting dashboard offers you a bird eye’s view to your business health on a single window. Actively keep an eye on the net worth, revenue, profit/loss and other key information of your business.

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Know the true worth of your business

There’s no way to know exactly where your business stands without knowing what your net worth is, whether your revenue is grow financial-servicesing and where your expenses lie. Online accounting dashboard gives you the real position of your all these values by automatically crunching your numbers and presenting them on an easy to evaluate graph.

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Track your monthly overdues

Pay and get paid quicker by easily following up on your monthly overdues. Dashboard gives a summary of what you owe to your clients and what’s owed to you in the form of receivable and payable right on your home window.

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Keep an eye on where your money goes

Keep track of your expenses & discounts you give. Giddh accounting dashboard provides you with easy to understand expense graph so that you can create better strategies to minimise expenses & maximise profits.

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Predict with more precision

Giddh takes the pain out from your prediction process. With one-click yearly comparison of revenues, profit/loss & expenses, you can make better assumptions of how the business will behave in the future by the past trends.

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Financial ratio analysis

Will your business be able to pay short-term and long-term obligations? What is its liquidity and profitability? The ratio analysis calculated automatically from the standard business formulas gives you an idea about your liability, equity and more so that you can take appropriate measures at the right time.

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An accounting dashboard is a management tool that helps you to view your financial data and other essential metrics from several sources all at one place. It offers a real-time view of the cash flow, invoices, accounts payable and receivable, profit and loss, etc. so that business owners, bookkeeping professionals or accountants always have an idea about where the business is heading towards at all times. Keeping track of the relevant finance KPIs ensures that the financial objectives of a company are met.

A financial dashboard software should be able to present all the relevant financial metrics in an actionable way to enable a business to understand and measure the data accurately. Here are some metrics that a good financial dashboard must display.

  • A graphic budget-to-actual table that shows how a business is working in alignment with the set goals or objectives
  • Sales report that shows the data of sales and orders invoiced during a specific period
  • Cash flow projection to assist during periods of thin cash availability and cash-intensive growth
  • Peer benchmark metric to compare margins against market peers
  • Industry performance metrics
  • Value drivers over the long-term
  • Performance metrics to measure the progress of current initiatives

Giddh’s real-time accounting dashboard provides you with clarity and insights about the core KPIs of your business. The dashboard highlights the metrics that directly impact your bottom line thereby saving up your time that would have otherwise been spent in building custom reports in Excel. This enables your finance professionals to access figures faster and understand the financial details that are needed to make proper decisions and ensure a stable financial environment.