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Switch from old accounting software or excel to giddh

You might have started your accounting with Excel, but it’s time you to bring your numbers to a Giddh accounting software which minimizes the clutter of spreadsheets & confusion of mismanaged accounting books.

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Excel isn’t a long term solution

Excel is simply not built to be your accounting mate. Not only is it prone to errors, but it’s also complicated and doesn’t offer a higher level of accessibility. Giddh Online Accounting software, on the other hand, takes away the hassles of adding and manipulating data manually and instead offers you the chance to focus on what that data is saying.

Simple transition to powerful alternative.

Giddh is a powerful alternative to your old accounting software, offline or online. Just export all the data of your company from your previous accounting software in CSV(comma-separated values) or excel format, and jump on the Giddh accounting cloud.

No data category left behind

With Data Import facility, you can import streams of data of every single accounting category such as accounts, groups, trial balance, entries and even inventory within minutes into Giddh accounting software.

Prepare your data with a little help

To ensure that your data is imported to Giddh without hassles, we’ve created XLSX(Microsoft Excel) template files for trial balance, entries, inventory and more. Just download the template and format your existing files accordingly.

Stuck somewhere? Help us help you!

We know transitioning can often be confusing. To make the process of transition simple, we have some incredibly easy to implement support articles just for you. Still need some help? Simply contact your Giddh account manager and make your transition today.

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