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Keep track of your inventory

Modern inventory management software for the modern entrepreneur no stress, no hassles, no hidden costs. Managing inventory is a priority for any growing business. Inventory management feature helps you to track your stock movements accurately so you can get back to doing the thing you are best at: Grow and Earn!

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Maintain stock visibility with inventory reports

Inventory management software will let you keep track of your stock When you buy and sell products, your inventory quantities will be automatically updated, making it easy to view your inventory reports so that you can keep up with what’s selling fast and what to reorder.

Complete support for measurement units

Where units of measurement are concerned, Giddh has got you covered. Our software allows you to create custom units of measurements for effective inventory management. With custom units, you can buy stocks in one unit and sell the same stock in a completely different one.

Inter-branch stock transfer

Are you a growing business with multiple inventory branches to manage? Do you often struggle to keep up with stock requirements from multiple branches? With the Giddh inter-branch transfer feature, you can easily replenish your stock by transferring them from one branch to other.

Save more time with bulk inventory import

Take the pain out of manually adding your entire inventory on Giddh by bulk inventory import. Just use our simple Excel template and have your inventory uploaded and ready in no time.

Giddh inventory software is VAT ready!

Giddh inventory management software is fully compliant with the VAT system. Track inventory, manage orders, assign HSN & SAC codes to items and send VAT compliant invoices. Your search for a VAT compliant inventory management software ends with Giddh.

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