Giddh, March 27, 2020

Year in Review 10 New Awesome Features on the Giddh Software This Year!

Is it an accounting software or an invoice creation software or a sales reporting tool or something you would use for bill generation*? Giddh is all that and more!*

2019 was an exciting year for Giddh! Here’s looking back at some of the new features that we added to our online accounting software.

At Giddh, we grow by listening to our customers. We gather feedback from hundreds of small business owners and accountants like you, to improve our software and help you achieve more.

2019 was a remarkable year since we were able to add a lot of new features and improvements to older ones that helped make the lives of many business owners and accountants easier.

Here’s a quick look at the new features and additions in the Giddh software in the last 12 months:

  1. Estimate and Proforma – Create Estimates and Pro-forma with the ‘accept and decline’ option and directly convert it into an invoice. You can also customise templates of Estimate/Pro-forma, edit, send them over email, download as a PDF, and delete them.
  2. Sales Register – Giddh now doubles up as your sales reporting software too! The Sales Report feature shows the complete sales reports on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis as well as cumulative data. You can also check per day transactions with relevant details.
  3. New vs Old Invoice Report – We’ve made it easier for Giddh users to get a better overview of their business growth in 2019. The New vs Old report feature shows the data of sales generated from new clients versus old clients to compare sales figures.
  4. Branch Inventory Movement – If your business has multiple inventory branches to manage, then it can become difficult to manage the stock requirements for all the branches. Giddh brings an inter-branch transfer feature which can help you transfer stock from one branch to another to keep your stocks replenished.
  5. Inventory Management (2.0) – Giddh presents you with a modern inventory management software that can help you manage your inventory and keep track of your stock movements so that you can focus on growing your business. Now you can manage your entire product catalogue on the cloud and check the status of your stocks in real-time.
  6. Warehouse Management – Now with Giddh, it’s easier to manage your day-to-day warehouse operations. You can easily control receiving and storing of stock in multiple warehouses, picking up and shipping of orders and updates on inventory replenishments.
  7. Recurring Invoice – Recurring invoices are popular in modern businesses for the ability to automatically charge customers for an agreed amount for goods and services. These invoices are normally submitted, or the charges normally applied, on a monthly basis.
  8. Dashboard (2.0) – With the all-new Giddh Dashboard 2.0, you can easily turn accounting data into business intelligence. You can view all your data in one place and get actionable insights on them to help you measure the growth of your business.
  9. E-way bill generation – You can directly generate your e-way bill through Giddh so that you don’t need to go on any other website. Just simply select your invoice and generate an e-way bill with a single click.

Looking Ahead at 2020

2019 proved to be a successful year in terms of on-boarding several businesses on the cloud-platform software. The year also saw a positive transformation in many businesses due to new features such as Dashboard and Inventory Management 2.0.

With continued feedback and support from our customers, we’re sure to grow even more in 2020 and make the software even better and easier to use.

Time Machine:

Here’s a look at the new features added to Giddh last year:

2018 proved to be quite the year for Giddh! Here’s a look back at some of the new features we added to our online accounting software.

At Giddh, we’re always listening to the feedback of hundreds of small business owners and accountants in order to improve add new features to our platform to help them with their accounting

In 2018, we’ve done them all proud, adding many new landmark features, as well as ongoing improvements.

Let’s take a peek at some of the new and improved features added to Giddh last year to help make accounting a little bit easier and a whole lot faster.

  1. Direct GST filing

With direct GST filing our customers can submit their GSTR-1,2,3B and 9 returns directly to the Government portal without the hassle of going through the process of preparing the report and then uploading it on the portal. Giddh does the heavy lifting of preparing an error-free GST report automatically so that you stay GST compliant on time, every time without hassles.

  1. E-commerce integration

Whether you’re selling on Amazon or Zencommerce, Giddh integration can help automate your accounting. By integrating Giddh to your favorite e-commerce platform, invoices will be generated automatically whenever an order is placed and an entry will be made against it.

  1. Bank Link

Giddh bank-link gives you an up to date overview on the most important asset of your business — cash. Giddh connects to your bank account and automatically imports your expenses every day. By connecting your bank account to Giddh you can actively monitor your day to day transactions and reconcile your books.

  1. Multi-currency

If you’re one of our customers that has clients around the world, you know the problem of keeping on top of your accounting. Multiple currencies and multiple sales taxes can quickly bog down your bookkeeping.

With Giddh multi-currency accounting, you can accept payments & send invoices to international customers in the currency you deal in and your customer’s base currency.

  1. New Invoice Templates

At Giddh, we know your business is unique and so are its invoicing needs.

To serve those special needs, we have refreshed our invoicing platform and added several new templates which will make your invoices look beautiful and professional than ever.

And like always, these templates are fully customizable, shareable and GST ready.

  1. Enhanced Search

Being able to find exactly what you’re looking for is a wonderful thing. Being able to do so faster, is priceless. With Giddh search, you can search for and land on any module, page or account instantly.

Just type Ctrl+k(windows)/cmd+k(MacOS) and access the search box where you have to type the first initial letters of the feature and hit enter to land on the page.

  1. Sales Report

We introduced new Sales Report that can help you gauge the efficiency of your sales team and monitor your sales trends for a particular quarter or month of a year. Additionally, you can also stay updated about the number of new clients you had business with and the number of invoices you received from them.

  1. Aging Report

We integrated Aging Report with our Contact Management for you to plan and predict cash flow better.

In the aging report, you will have the grand total of the amount owed by each customer broken up by the age of the invoice. The invoice age will be broken into five groups: 0–30 days, 31–60 days, 61–90 days and more than 90 days.

  1. Import/Export

We introduced Giddh import and export feature for our customers who want to bring in or back up streams of data of every single accounting category in Giddh. Our customers can now import and download their crucial financial accounting figures including their accounts, groups, trial balance, entries, and even inventory.

  1. Contact Management

Contacts give you a single screen view of all your customers and vendors along with the business history you share with them. Contacts help you be informed about the customers you have in a particular city or region, helping you assess your customer base and create a more targeted sales or marketing effort.

  1. Multi-branch accounting

Multi-branch accounting Serves you with consolidated financial reports such as balance sheet, income statements of your business spread over multiple branches. Multi-branch accounting is especially helpful in a branch by branch comparison so that you are on top of each branch’s performance.

  1. Improved navigation bar

The navigation bar in your Giddh account just got a mini makeover. This is all in an effort to give you, the small business owner, the CA, the thriving entrepreneur, a more organized way to find the reports you need as we continue to add more key features in the future.

Looking Ahead to 2019

2018 proved to be a pivotal year for Giddh as over 10 thousand businesses came on board to this cloud-based platform for their accounting needs.

In 2019, users will see a positive transition in their accounting experience with Giddh; thanks to our developers who will be bringing the magic of artificial intelligence and machine learning for improved cash flow prediction and sales prediction.

At the rate with which Giddh is growing, over 5 lakh small businesses and startups across the world are expected to simplify their accounting in 2019.

With all the feedback and support we have received, we will continue to give our best & make sure you continue having a great time accounting with Giddh.

The Dawn of New Accounting Software: Giddh And Its Benefits

With all the new added features, Giddh benefits businesses in many ways.

  • Saves time: Time is crucial for business success. Handling the finances and accounts through manual bookkeeping takes a lot of valuable time. But, Giddh’s money management software simplifies the overall process thereby saving time which can be invested in other areas.
  • Accelerates working speed: With less paperwork and more time to invest in other essential tasks, the working speed can be accelerated. Moreover, with Giddh, it is easier to record every transaction history and calculate the total sell quickly.
  • Perfection in work: While making calculations, mistakes can easily creep in. The major problem here is that the business can suffer a devasting loss even for a small mistake in the financial calculation. Giddh’s software automates the task and delivers perfection in work so that there’s no chance of such mistakes.
  • Reporting: Reporting can be a hectic task considering the amount of information that needs to be processed from invoices, stock details, transaction history, etc. Giddh’s accounting system get this done for you on its own.
  • Cost-effectiveness: If you are a small business, money management is crucial. Investing in Giddh’s accounting software helps to reduce the cost required to hire an expert. Besides, it also cuts down on the cost that can come with the maintenance of a manual system.

Winding up

As new businesses make their way into the markets, finance analytics are going to stay. Investing in financial accounting software is not only helpful to collect financial data, but also help to make better business decisions that will help to ultimately reduce costs and enable sustainable development and growth.At Giddh, we hope to assist companies to build an effective money management strategy and achieve their goals so that they can uncover insights, identify trends and prevent potential future risks. Financial companies collect huge volumes of data which is usually underutilized. Giddh’s new personal finance management software puts everything in one central place and helps you make sense of it.