Giddh, July 13, 2018

3 Most Common Invoicing Mistakes You Might be Making (And their fixes)

The bad news: You might be making one of these invoicing mistakes. The good news? They’re incredibly easy to avoid and fix!

Sending an invoice to your clients is arguably the most important step in getting paid. No doubt, you understand this. But, often in your hastiness, the entire process of invoice generation, from generation-to tracking-to getting paid, can get unnecessarily frustrating.

There is a good chance that the reason you feel frustrated about your invoicing, is due to the system you have in place(or the lack of it).

Knowing fully well that it is critical to get paid, it’s particularly important to be aware of the mistakes you’ve been committing so as to avoid them in future altogether.

Here are the 3 common invoicing errors you might be making (and can easily avoid).

  1. Making Payment Process Complex

The customer/client received your invoice, but there’s one problem: they have no idea how to pay you. Sounds disastrously familiar? Even if you have specified the payment method, you have to ask yourselves, “Have I made the process of getting paid too complicated?”

You need to let your client know how to pay you, whether it’s via a bank transfer, through an online payment or any other mode of payment.

2. Creating an Invoice Full of Errors

Ever sent an invoice, only to realise that the date is wrong, the invoice number is incorrect, or the worse of them all: you miscalculated the invoice amount thanks to an offline accounting solution which failed to update your invoice amount?

You’d be smart to admit you made at least one of these mistakes, especially while calculating and creating that invoice on Excel.

The solution is to use a cloud based accounting software which updates the invoice number as you create invoices and lets you preview invoices before sending them.

3. Not Being Prompt

As a businessman you shouldn’t wait for the customers or clients to ask for the invoice; they might be busy, or they just might not be that diligent. The responsibility of staying true to your business and the services you’ve rendered and product you sold, is yours.

The sooner you send an invoice, the faster you’ll get paid. One of the easiest(and most overlooked) way to do so is to automate the invoice generation. Once you automate your invoicing, your customers would get the invoice as soon as an entry is made in your account books.

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