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Analysis has never been easier, more productive and immensely profitable with the Giddh Dashboard and its business reporting tools!

Top 5 Trends Revolutionising the Accounting Software

Accounting software is a crucial tool for any business. It helps a business manager run the business with proficiency

3 Reasons to Move Forward with Online Accounting and Leave Hassles of Manual Work Behind

you read about how the clutter of spreadsheet is hampering business growth for small business owners across the country. Let’s move further into the topic and talk about how new technologies are here to make the business journey of

Accounting In 2020 Top Trends in Accounting Industry

Read our article that covers the emerging trends in the world of accounting and bookkeeping for the year 2020 and beyond.

GST and its Impacts on Indian SME’s Working Capital

Let’s continue with our conversation about working capital and see how GST impacts the working capital of small and medium scaled enterprises.

Emerging trends in Accounting

As change becomes a necessity for growth, small businesses can refuel their business growth by being aware of the latest accounting trends.

5 Simple Financial Ratios to Evaluate the Health of your Business Updated for 2020 with Examples

Understanding and tracking key financial ratios is a business owner’s best bet and a key ingredient in the recipe for growth and success.

How To Get Paid Faster? Simple Tips To Getting Paid Promptly

Today we talk about simple yet effective way technology can help business owners be on top of their invoicing and keep the payment drama at bay.

A Beginner’s Guide to Working Capital.

What is working capital? Why do you need it? Let’s take a detailed look at working capital for small businesses.

Everything You Need to Know About Business Financial Reporting.

Today, we take a look at the ins and outs of financial reporting, its importance & its future in this digital world.

3 Reasons Why Moving your Accounting Practice to Cloud is an Awesome Idea!

Accounting is evolving and going digital… It’s time you do the same. You have probably heard of cloud technology. Most of us have used IT without knowing it.

Two Amazing Ways ‘Search’ Makes Accounting Experience A Breeze with Giddh!

Now easily land on where you’re supposed to! The magic of Search in our cloud accounting software makes accounting simpler and faster

3 Most Common Invoicing Mistakes You Might be Making (And their fixes)

The bad news You might be making one of these invoicing mistakes. The good news? They’re incredibly easy to avoid and fix! Sending an invoice to your clients is arguably the most

Why Your Startup Needs An Online Accounting Software?

Today we look at 4 different ways startups and entrepreneurs can manage their finances with the aid of an online accounting software.

Back to Basics. What is cloud? How can accounting get easier with cloud?

In case, you want your business to function faster and smarter it is wise to invest in cloud accounting software. By working in the cloud, you can have easy access to financial information and capacity to work in tandem with your team.

Real Time Success with Real time Accounting!

Before the cloud became mainstream — accounting was mostly limited to hundreds of files and file cabinets.

Save Time, Save Money and Get on the Cloud!

With business of all sizes now largely operating with the technological tools of the digital age, companies everywhere have started going as

Key Highlights from the 33rd GST Council Meeting

Goods and Service Tax Council slashes tax rates on the country’s dormant yet promising real estate sector.

The two kinds of profit margins every small business needs to know

Rahul Dubey owned a successful small manufacturing business that fetched him sales of Rs 1 crore every year. However,recently he noticed a major

How bad accounting entries are affecting your business?

Accounting is somehow very automatically associated with errors. But in the world of Six Sigma and digital devices, this should not be.If accounting errors are still part of your daily business life,

Tips for Selecting Business Accounting Software

Traditionally businessmen made accounting books on a paper ledge and that had its set of disadvantages with it .In today’s date ,