Giddh, May 15, 2018

Save Time, Save Money and Get on the Cloud!

With business of all sizes now largely operating with the technological tools of the digital age, companies everywhere have started going as much paperless as they can.

New cloud technologies make it ever more inviting for companies to avoid many of the burdens of paper-heavy operations and to reduce their paper trail as well. Among the countless functional benefits to operating efficiency, going paperless will help your business in the following ways:

Saves time — Paperless work saves a great amount of time. It eliminates time-wasting steps of printing, filing and the most frustrating of them all, manually searching for those paper documents. Your record adding and retrieval process is reduced to a few mouse clicks and keyboard strokes. For many companies, this simple change cuts very significant number of wasted hours regained for other important tasks that increase employees’ productivity.

Saves money — There’s no comparison between the cost of information created and stored on paper, and the same information maintained digitally. A paperless office can help save a significant amount of money annually per employee in expenses that are associated with printing documents and managing storage facilities. Multiply the same expenses with all the employees in a organisation and it one can see that the total annual savings by going paperless makes it clear that paperless operation is a more practical option.

Creates an Ideal PR Image — Operating on the cloud and going paper less identifies your company to your prospective partners and customers as a modern, technologically inclined organisation, with a highly skilled team that keeps pace with the demands of modern business technology and processes. This creates an ideal public image that helps in acquiring more clients and better projects.

Provides Stronger Security — Cloud storage for documents is more secure than keeping sensitive information in paper files stored in an office. Digital documents are encrypted and protected by numerous layers of security. And, access can be restricted to only trusted file users. Also, digital files are not at risk of being lost due to fire or theft.

Environmentally Appropriate — The average company uses over thousands of sheets of paper every year which can be equated to a small tree. This means that if all businesses were paperless, the world could be greener than ever before. The environmental benefits of going paperless are certainly important for every business person who wants to leave a better world for the future generations.

An office with cloud based solutions for business purposes gives it firm a competitive edge. So if you want the same competitive edge, its time to plan your strategy carefully, and reap the rewards of going paperless by using the best cloud based accounting software of the country.