Giddh, May 17, 2018

Real Time Success with Real time Accounting!

Before the cloud became mainstream — accounting was mostly limited to hundreds of files and file cabinets. Daily bookkeeping tasks required an accountant whose work was reduced down to mere data entry and yet business owners depended on the same accountant. Now with the advent of 0s and 1s of technology that has made accounting fast and secure, business owners are no more dependent on your accountant to understand their finances better. In addition to that, here are a few things you can do to pivot your business to success.

Track Financial Details, All in Real-Time!

First and foremost, a cloud based accounting software allows you to easily track your expenses & incomes, that too all in real-time. Instead of jamming paper receipts into files at home and a cloud accounting platform can allow you to track expenses on the fly. No more filing cabinets and no more lost deductions.

Stay Ahead with Automatic Updates

If you use a offline solution for your accounting you’ll need to go through the hassle of purchasing a physical hardware like CD or storage drive and manually updating it every few years to stay up to date. But with cloud based platform, you can simply update your system with just a few clicks and enjoy tons of new features and benefits. That means less effort on your part — which we all love. Now isn’t that awesome!

Collaborate Seamlessly

One of the most sought after features of an accounting platform is the feature that enables you to seamlessly collaborate with a team. This way you can easily include multiple team members on crucial financial decisions or reviews. Giddh understands the value of each decision and thus offers its subscribers the power of permissions. With Giddh, you can give and revoke permissions to view or make changes to your finance activities based on your business needs and thus

Integrate yourselves with Familiarity

Another great aspect of cloud based accounting is the ability to easily integrate it with other familiar softwares. Let’s say you have used Tally as your primary bookkeeping software and now want to make the crucial leap to cloud. Giddh offers you simple integration solutions so that you can bring all your previous financial data on board and at the same time start learning the new technology.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re keeping your financials on a spreadsheet or using an offline static accounting software, you’re being unfair to your own business. Cloud accounting solutions will simplify your workday so you can spend more time doing what you’re best at, grow and scale up.