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Are you too doing the classic accounting thing?




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Check your pockets right now. They are empty, aren’t they? Say thanks to the hefty amount you spent on the accounting of your business, without even thinking if it was necessary or worth the results you are drawing from it.

Accounting for businesses is a classic. That is, you have to do it. People keep spending uncounted amount of money for getting their accounts done. Because they know that if they don’t, they are ruined. That’s what people have taught them. And that’s what they read about daily.

Giddh wants to tell you that it ain’t necessary. All that you are doing, have been doing, would be doing, can be changed. Think about cloud accounting and the easiness it brings along. That’s the only thing that can save you from the classic.

And what is that?

Cloud accounting, unlike desktop accounting, stores all your data online. Which means, you can access your accounts from anywhere, at anytime, without depending on a human or a specific system of course.

A lot of businesses, including big brands, have shifted to cloud accounting, considering the benefits it brings along with itself. You apparently need basic knowledge of accounting and entries, and you are good to go with handling the system all by yourself.

And how can it be done?

You need to match the basic requirements in your accounting department and the features that the accounting software has. The cost of an Accounting software varies from vendor to vendor and before buying it you must make sure you get appropriate training, customised features, 24*7 support, timely upgrades and proper maintenance. A beautiful online accounting and bookkeeping software is going to reduce your back office costs to a large extent.

Go Giddh, if you may like!

Based on cloud accounting, Giddh pays heavy respect to those necessary accounting features that your business is going to need.


Giddh supports inventory management wherein you can identify how much profit can be made on the inventory and how operational and other inventory related costs can be reduced. It notifies you when to buy inventory, inventory reorder levels and expired inventory, which is no longer in use.


You can certainly download reports with great company insights that will guide you when to invest and where to invest such that return on investment is high and cost of funds is low. Giddh, which is an accounting software, allows you to achieve the same by having control over direct and indirect costs on one hand and increasing revenues through detailed report analysis on the other.

Indirect costs

You have the complete power to decrease the indirect costs of your company by diligently preparing final reports and including all expenses that can help in reduction of tax liability. Because as we all know, taxes are an invariable part of any business, and ministry of finance brings frequent changes in the taxation system of India.

GST ready

Now with the advent of GST, new rules and procedures are to be followed by all kinds of businesses and these changes have been integrated in Giddh beforehand. Moreover, they are being updated on regular basis.

Considering all the benefits of a cloud based accounting software and the reduced costs it will bring to your business, would you still do the classic thing?